A Picnic on the Sound–with guests!

ABOVE: Puget Sound , facing the Olympic Mountains-Downtown Edmonds

Once in a while Mark and I have a picnic in the van.  The other day we decided to park on the beach at Puget Sound and eat our lunch.  We picked up some great eats at the local grocery store in downtown Edmonds.


So many people see seagulls as flying rats, but I think they are absolutely beautiful.


This little guy was persistent.  We tried turning on the wipers but he didn’t budge.  I made an ass out of myself shaking the van as hard as I could by swaying my body back and forth–that only drew stares from people in the other vehicles…Mark begged me to please stop shaking the car.  I just couldn’t stand eating in front of this seagull with his sad eyes boring a a hole through me.  
ABOVE:  Great!  Then he had to call a friend over to make me feel twice as guilty!

In the end I threw him half of my tuna salad croissant.  He looked grateful.



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