Good Morning, It’s Time to clip on the Pedometer!


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Train at Brackett's Landing Edmonds, WA


ABOVE:  I have taken at least 50 pictures of this train as it rounds the bend, but this is one of my favorites.

I have joined the ranks of folks who use IPods.  I would never have bought one for myself, but I was given one for Christmas.  They are great to have for exercising.  Along with the IPod , I received a gift certificate to ITunes.  SO, I downloaded a few songs to exercise to.  I need music that gets me moving!


My top 10 for exercising are:

1.  Bulls on Parade (Rage Against the Machine)
2.  Free For All (Ted Nugent)
3.  Children of the Sun (Billy Thorpe)
4.  I Feel Love (Donna Summer)
5.  Hey Man Nice Shot (Filter)
6.  In the Evening (Led Zeppelin)
7.  Rock With You (The Jacksons)
8.  How Soon is Now (The Smiths)
9.  Just What the Doctor Ordered (Ted Nugent)
10. Crazy Train (Ozzy, of course)

If anybody reads this and has their own exercise song ideas, I’d love to hear them.  I need a larger selection.

2008 UPDATE: Now I watch The Food Network while exercising!


I’m starting my day with a fresh cup of French pressed coffee in one of my new Fiestaware cups.  Being forever true to my redneck roots, I scored a multi-colored set of 6 from the thrift store last week.  One of the reasons I love to shop thrift stores, other than the obvious, is that I can afford nice cheery kitchenware.  I believe I saved close to $50 on these cups.  I’ve always wanted a set, but i would never pay the actual cost at Macy’s. BTW, the press is also from Good Will.  Recycling can be fun!  I always drop off a donation before I shop.

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The photo above is for LIZ (my thrift store competition).  SEE?  Aren’t they nice?


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