Michael Chiarello’s Lasagnette and HomeMade Ricotta

I’ve made ricotta cheese before, but I used the recipe in “Cooking with Grace” and have always wanted to try Michael Chiarello’s recipe. I have to say, they both tasted the same, so I would go back to using Grace’s because she doesn’t use buttermilk. Instead, she adds vinegar, which makes it a lot less expensive. The process is easy, as long as you keep an eye on the temperature and you are careful with the curds.

I’ve had my eye on these lasagnettes since I saw them in my new Michael Chirarello cookbook,

Michael Chiarello’s Casual Cooking .
By the way, I wouldn’t call these recipes casual.RECIPE FOR:
I didn’t have time to make the fresh pasta, but I’m lucky enough to live near a market that had some fresh sheets of pasta, so I used those. I also used the real mozzarella and parmesan reggiano freshly grated.
I found it interesting that he adds 2 ounces of ham(I used Apple Gate Farms) because you really don’t taste “ham”, you do taste a hint of smoky flavor. It was perfect!

To see photos of making ricotta cheese and the dessert I made, Mock Tirimisu, please click below!




The ricotta is a process of heating the whole milk and buttermilk to approx. 180 degrees until the whey separates and the curds float to the top.


Here, I’m pouring out the whey and then I allow the curds to drain in 6 layers of cheesecloth.


The ricotta drains for about 15 minutes.


Pre draining, your curds should look somewhat like this.


Wah-la! Fresh made ricotta cheese.


The lasagnette filling


These are good sized. Note they are in a large baking sheet.


The finished product was amazing. Seriously a melt in your mouth recipe.

The sauce is a basic tomato sauce with fresh basil.

With the remaining ricotta, I prepared a mock tirimisu.


10 thoughts on “Michael Chiarello’s Lasagnette and HomeMade Ricotta

  1. I hope your other site will be fixed. I tried leaving a comment but to no avail Anyways, your making the ricotta cheese reminds me of what i did before. For some reason i bought too much milk and experimented, i came up w/ a cheese=:) The lasagnette looks really delicious.

  2. I love this new blog site!

    I’ve wanted to ask for some time now: what type of camera are you using. Your photos are always so vivid! And they motivate me to take more time with me own.

  3. SUSAN: Thank you so much!
    I use a Nikon D50
    I really like it, but I have a lot to learn. Do you have a link to your photos? I love to look at people’s pictures.

  4. Oh Im so glad you decided to blog this way, I love it…..even though I read everything you blogged on myspace, I love this one more.
    Your stuff always looks amazing, and wow making home made Ricotta. Damn girl you never cease to amaze me. Thats a big deal to do, I wouldnt even attempt it and I can cook my ass off but I dont think I would try that. Thank you for all the pics, my mouth is watering as always when I see your food.

  5. Gypsy! You came to visit me 🙂 Thank you. Making homemade ricotta is easy–I swear it is!
    I like the ease of indexing all of the recipes here , so it feels like a good change for me.
    I was just out checking on the chickens…I can hardly wait for fresh eggs. Thanks again my friend!

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