The Golden Olive

I really love to visit Wallingford, so when Mark invited me out again to have lunch, I couldn’t say no.

He had driven by a Greek restaurant and asked if I wanted to give it a try. I was a little apprehensive because I love Greek food, and if it’s not done well, I’m very disappointed. I’m so happy I agreed to try it.

First of all, The Golden Olive is a very quaint place, not too fancy, just enough charm to entice.


We were greeted by Niko, who has since become a MySpace buddy. He saw my camera as he came around the corner, smiled, and said, “Oh, you’re taking pictures?” I was a little embarrassed, until he followed with, “I’m ready!” and posed. I think I surprised him when I actually took the shot.


The service? Excellent. When I asked he hold the onions on my souvlaki, he instantly asked, “Would you like lettuce instead?” Come on, nobody offers you a replacement when you’re out to eat. Niko is awesome.  He’s also a great musician–check out his band here!


The food? Oh please! Look at these sandwiches! Look at the Tzatiki! I usually have to pay for an extra side just to get enough for my sandwich, but not here.


The fries, the Greek salad, the chicken souvlaki sandwiches were flavorful!  I could actually taste the bits of dill in the tzatiki.  Everything was perfect!


The vegetables were fresh and crispy.


I can say, without doubt, this was the best baklava I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve tasted a lot of baklava.  Niko recommends I try their
Rich custard between layers of phyllo, soaked in  honey-lemon syrup
Next time, and there will be many “next times”, I will!
As we paid, I noticed a very kind looking woman in the kitchen making Mousaka. It was like watching somebodys mama working in her own village kitchen. It smelled great beyond belief.  When I return I’ll be ordering Mousaka. She turned to see me watching and smiled and told me what was in it.  Is everybody in this joint  friendly?  Yes, they are.

If you live in or near the Seattle area, or happen to be visiting, check them out!  You won’t regret it.


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