Sleeping Baby Chick

Have you ever seen how baby chicks take naps?  It’s very funny.  They tip forward on their little chins and pass out.  I kept thinking the chickies were dead, but when I touched one it would pop right up and start running.  I took this photo when they first came home.  This is Lucille (Lucy) looking like a fall down drunk.  I just LOVE LUCY!

Lucy sleeping

I’ve renamed the chicks.  I will share their names and breed types here soon. 


6 thoughts on “Sleeping Baby Chick

  1. it looks so comfortable and sleepy. What a cutie. How many chickies did you get? How long do they live? I would love a “flock?” …. I am a farm girl at heart.

  2. I bought 4 chicks, and I hope they’re all hens (10% chance two are roosters, so not likely, but still…). I believe they can live for 8-10 years.

    They’re growing very fast, so I need to get going on a coop!
    I’m a farm girl too 🙂

  3. Your little Lucy is a doll 🙂 I want to see a picture of what they look like now, and how much they have grown. Come on, Auntie wants to see the new baby pictures!

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