Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie

I made a Boston Cream Pie. 

Does anybody have a clue why it is called “pie”?  I don’t really care because I love the cake/pie just the same.  I took this shot right before I buried it in chocolate.   The cake was a bit on the dryer than I prefer, but all in all I can’t complain.  The recipe was pretty good, but I’d like to find the GREATEST Boston Cream Pie recipe.  If you have one, please toss me the link or drop me an email.

Cream Pie

I love those candied covered almonds. 

The cake part reminded me of the homemade cakes my step- Grandma Juanice used to make.  Even though those cakes were a bit drier and less sweet, they sure were yummy with a glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream.  Sometimes I crave those old fashioned homemade cakes.   

I have searched for the recipes I used, and to be honest I cannot remember which recipes I finally settled on.  I looked up a few and this one looks quite good;

Food Network Recipe for Boston Cream Pie

When in a hurry, I think I might buy a white cake mix and make the cream filling and ganache frosting.  Many people knock cake mixes, but in some cases, they cannot be beat for convenience and the flavor isn’t bad either.  Although, if you’ve ever tried America’s Test Kitchen’s yellow cake recipe…WOW!  In the cookbook they say they made it as moist as a cake mix –it’s a winner!  I’ll bake one and post it soon.  I have a few more birthdays coming up in May.  I’ve made it three times and people rave about it. 



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