The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!


Thank Goddess, Buddha, Jesus, and “insert appropiate diety here”.  I discovered Eckhart Tolles book,  “A New Earth”.

I’ll tell you, I can drive myself completely insane, in a matter of seconds, once my mind wraps around a negative idea.  Fear paralyzes me and then I play the victim role and then all hell breaks loose.

Every since I bought my chickees, I’ve had a voice (ego) in the back of my head saying, “It’s probably illegal to have chickens.  You probably misunderstood the codes.”  I read the bulletin over and over, and then forgot to call the county before I bought the girls.  I worked myself into a frenzy worrying and repeatedley asking Mark, “What if it’s illegal, and we misunderstood the bulletin?”

Today, we finally made contact with a real live county person and sure ’nuff, we’re legal chicken farmers!

I don’t just do this with chickens and chicken laws.  I can do this with anything.  You name it–I’ll find a reason to fret about it.  Go on, try me! 

Although, now that I’m becoming AWARE of the games my mind (ego) likes to play with me, I’m starting to settle down.  Not only am I settling down, but I’m finding new pleasures in life.  More on that later.

In the meantime, the damn sky aint falling, and the girls are staying!


ABOVE (clockwise from back left row to front left):

Lucille Ball stands the tallest, Ethel is beside her, Sean Junior (don’t ask) in front of Ethel, and last but not least, is Little Edie.


ABOVE: Lucy- Rhode Island red (my little hawk)

ABOVE: Sean Junior (who had better be a hen)- Gold Laced Wyandotte

I still need closeups of the girls below:

Little Edie-Black Sexlink

Ethel- Black Sexlink


4 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!

  1. I was wondering about the legality of your chicken ranch. Glad to know its kosher.

    I started the Tolle book in part due to your raving about it. I’m 10 pages in. But left it by mistake in CT yesterday. Listened to the first podcast, and hated it. Once I finish the next chapter, will listen to the second podcast and see if it makes my insane.

    BTW, Tolle sounds a lot like my Finnish Contractor in CT…

  2. Would you believe in downtown Seattle people are allowed to raise chickens? I believe the number of hens allowed are 3 or 4. No roosters of course. Most people think chickens are filthy and stinky, but those are the coops people don’t clean and the chickens that aren’t well cared for. In reality, the dog down the street who barks non-stop seems more of an issue than a few hens pecking around on the ground. I’m in an unincorporated part of the county, which makes it a bit easier. We actually have a few farms up and down the street.

    I enjoy the podcasts. I mostly listen to them on the beach on my Ipod. The first two seemed like an introduction. Tolle has said the book isn’t for everybody. I’ve heard a similar message before in other ways, but this came along at the right time for me, and I can honestly say, the experience has been life changing.
    I can’t believe how many things I did in life that had nothing to do with what I really want to be doing or enjoy doing. Even working no longer seems to be the means to an end. I can enjoy the work part. I just recognize that the ego will try to convince me that “shoulds” are more important to focus on. I can actually feel the shift in my body when the ego is doing negative talk about myself or other people. I bring my awareness in and I can be in the moment again and not in the future or past. My relationships no longer seem to be a chore in trying to reach a destination to some grand romantic illusion of what society (and ego) says love or relationship should be–I just focus on what is in the moment. I just feel more in touch with my true self now. I am more grateful for what is here and now, as I move and build into my future.

  3. I am only two chapters in and not listening to the podcasts but the book is like reading my mind. So far these are all pretty much things I have believed to be true for all my adult life. I am hoping it doesn’t make me dislike mankind more than I already do. It seems as if everyone I know is ego driven.

    Greed .. lust… ego… envy… on a global level.. it’s the ruination of us all.
    *sigh* It should be what separates us from animals.. but we are animals aren’t we?

    what does the podcast do for people?

  4. Listening with the podcasts helps because they have people ask questions and they discuss each chapter.
    I don’t think the book will make you dislike mankind, I think it teaches us to be more compassionate withourselves and gives us tools to be more aware instead of living unconscious lives. In using the tools , I find I have less judgment and more compassion for others.

    I can honestly say, the more present I stay, the faster I’m making changes in my life. By changes, I mean getting real and being who I am versus who I thought I was. I am finally putting my focus on the things in life I value the most. No more excuses. I may have had a level of consciousness before, but I stay with it longer…does this make sense?

    I highly recommend the podcasts. I’m going to get his book on CDs too.

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