Chick Update: Oh No, NOT A Rooster!


ABOVE: The chicks looked like this 2 weeks ago


ABOVE: At 4 1/2 weeks they look like this!

We had to make a new brooder!  These babies are getting huge and they’re eating their chick feed like piglets 🙂  We used an old kitchen cabinet that we scored on a re-model job.


ABOVE: Uh oh…Sean Jr might be a rooster.  He’s the only chick with red on the crest and cheek.

UPDATE: A lady in my chicken group just told me Sean Jr IS a rooster.  I’m so disappointed.

I can’t keep a rooster in this neighborhood.  I wouldn’t want to freak out the neighbors.  It’s just too bad I don’t live on 50 acres.

PS We still haven’t built a coop.


4 thoughts on “Chick Update: Oh No, NOT A Rooster!

  1. I blame Sean and Mark 🙂
    Mark picked out the chick and Sean came over, picked it up and said, “Let’s name this one Sean Jr!”

    Men ruin everything for me 😉 Just kidding….kinda sorta 😉

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