The Vegetable Gardens ~ Square Foot Gardening and More


My spring started with a chicken craze and now I’ve gone a little garden wild.  I’m sure my plan is not perfect, but I’m certainly putting my heart into it.  

It’s not easy to dig up grass!  I worked at staying in the moment while I dug, “Shovel in, shovel out”.  I repeated over and over to myself.  I saw my ego wander and head towards the future and dip back into the past.  “This will take me too long!” was followed by, “last year you hurt your back using a shovel like this.”  In the end, I mostly stayed on track with, “shovel in, shovel out”.

I didn’t get very far in a few hours time, 


but Mark came home and busted it out in about 30 minutes.  He’s such a showoff!


ABOVE: Front yard raised bed

Anyhoot, Mark built the raised bed, and I read the books and planted the seeds and starts.   I wanted to start a few weeks early on the hot plants, so Mark and I made a cloche for the two gardens in front.

I now have two raised beds and one garden directly in the ground with hills for squash, melons, cucumbers, and maybe a few peppers.

I’ve planted:  collard greens, romaine lettuce, red beets, gold beets, kale, carrots, walla walla onions, peas,tomatoes (4 varities), jalapeno peppers, habaneros, anaheim, sweet peppers, canteloupe, watermelon, acorn squash, zucchini squash, patty squash, butternut squash, cucumbers, artichokes, eggplant, spinach, green beans, golden squash, pumpkins, and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten to mention. 

I also started my basil from seed indoors.  I’m having a hard time because they seem to want to go leggy on me.   I have a few barrels of herbs: oregano, thyme, mint, rosemary, fennel, chives, and parsley.

So far, the gardens are simply a joy.

I still have to finish my path around the raised bed in the front yard.  I’m planning on using stone or chipped wood for the paths.  

Between trying to care for roses (I have counted 24 rose bushes on my property) organically, I’m in the yard more than the kitchen these days.


ABOVE: Very front area of house has in ground beds for large heat loving veggies and the beginning of my raspberry bed.

ABOVE:  In ground garden with hills

My plan for the very front area was to remove some of the plants that were here before I moved in.    I removed a gigantic butterfly bush and a few bushes that didn’t fit my plan.  I also removed the bark and it kind of looks like a pig farm in this photo, but it will slowly become a work of art.  I want to use the space for growing vegetables and raspberries.  Mark had so much energy he went ahead a built a box for my raspberries, which have kind of gone wild spreading about the mound.  Now I have have to train them to some Ts and clothes wire.   If anybody has experience with raspberries please advise, as I’m winging it!


Soon there will be a gate leading to these other two beds and some heather or roses will line the base.


ABOVE: Cloche covering the hills on in ground garden.

The photos were taken over a week ago, and today I have lots of seedlings popping out of the ground under this cloche.  I’m so excited!

Once we get the paths filled in and some more flowers around the fence,  I think this will all look pretty cute.  I want a yard that gives back for my work, and I’m tired of pruning and mowing for more pruning and mowing. 

I’m going to post my backyard vegetable garden photos as soon as I take photos.  It will also be a Square Foot Garden.

I am going to post updated photos later today of all the gardens.  We had a few hot days and the gardens took off!



5 thoughts on “The Vegetable Gardens ~ Square Foot Gardening and More

  1. Do you have a picture of what it looks like from the road?

    I’m really thinking of planting my vegge and fruit in the front yard, because it’s the only place I get sun. But I still want it to look really nice. I’ve been doing research online but I really haven’t been struck by anything that I really like. But yours looks really nice to me. I’ll have to explore your blog some more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Monica,
    You can really make the raised beds look nice. We added a cedar chip pathway. Some people use pavers–very park like.

    You really can’t see our raised beds from the road because we are higher than the road and have a fence. I will, however, try to get a photo of the very front garden from the road.

  3. Thanks. I’m having trouble envisioning what it’ll look like on my yard. I want it to inspire people and look amazing, not ugly and an eye sore.

    I’m enjoying your blog. Great recipes and pictures. I’ll be back some more.

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