Crocheting Again


It had been a long time since I’d crocheted.  I don’t know when I set it down.  Maybe I was too busy homeschooling, or maybe it was when I started taking classes at the community college.  It could have been when I became interested in buying and selling retro and vintage items on Ebay, but in any case, I missed it!

I opened up my old crochet bag and found this little potholder dress waiting in a folded crochet instruction book for me to finish it.  It has a mate: a red and white apron used as the second potholder.  I had finished that one and had it hanging in my kitchen for years, but a few months ago I decided to give it to Goodwill since I would probably never make the dress.  I had forgotten I had already started the dress!  I finally finished the dress a few weeks ago and now I’m almost done with another apron.

There is something calming about crocheting.  I think I’ll keep it up this time.


One thought on “Crocheting Again

  1. crocheting is totally good for the soul. You could sell some on ebay maybe… they are retro! I love retro stuff! I have some table runner thingys that were crocheted by some ancestor… using a thick string. They are like lace. I even have one that is made with actual sewing thread.. wow. Guess not having tv really freed up their time! lol.

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