Chickens and Chicken Coops (Chick Stuff)


The “chicks” are in their awkward stage now.   They are 6 weeks old.  
Mark and I decided to let them play out in the grass for a while this past weekend.  They need to get aquainted with their environment.  This is the first time they’ve touched the grass.  They peeped and squeaked for a bit before they settled down and realized they were going to be okay.  

The chicks love Mark.   I suppose he is like their mother now because he feeds them and checks on them up to three or four times a day.  

The coop foundation is set, and now we’re starting to build.   They’re going to love having more fresh air and room to raom.


Sean Junior enjoys perching.  I’m told by several online chicken sources that he is definitely a rooster.  Seeing he is the smallest and the most hen pecked, I’m still wondering if there is a possibility he is a she.  I’m hoping.  Does it look like a rooster to you?


The Rhode Island Red, Lucille, seems to be their leader.  I hope Lucille isn’t a Louie.  I’ll be so disappointed.


I think we should have a chicken coop raising party!  Sounds like a good excuse to cook something fun.  I don’t think fried chicken would be politically correct, so I’m thinking a slow roasted Cuban pork shoulder!


5 thoughts on “Chickens and Chicken Coops (Chick Stuff)

  1. those chicks are sure growing fast. They will love their new coop. More room. Is that a touch of red on Lucille’s head? How do you tell? Hope she is a she. Looks like Mark is working hard building that coop. How many new hens will you get if she is a rooster?

  2. I mentioned it to my husband that “wouldn’t it be kind of sweet to have a few chickens..” and he just looked at me and said “eggs are cheap”. … so I guess that’s not a “no way”.. I might have to work this slowly. .. Your chicks are sooo cute!!!! Sean Jr. looks like the others as far as I can tell. I once watched a show on “sexing chicks”… it was odd.

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