All in the Family (Square Foot Patio Gardening)


ABOVE: Garlic, romaine, lettuce and more to come.

Every year, while my son was growing up, he’d go through a sort of “spring fever” and want to get out and shovel up the dirt and weeds to prepare beds where I planted flowers and tomatoes on the side of our little cottage rental.  I can still remember him out there, shovel in hand, with one of his stereo speakers blasting Louie Armstrong out his bedroom window.  

He seemed to need it.  I didn’t have to ask for his help.  He would ask me if he could do it. 

Of course, as a healthy youth, he would finish, call his friends over and they would attack one another with super soakers in the backyard.  I loved to watch them create shields out of garbage can lids or umbrellas as they attacked one another.  In the end, somebody always ended up grabbing the water hose and completely soaking the person who hadn’t seen the other creep up behind, and let him have it.  I used to watch from the kitchen out the back porch screen door, smiling quietly to myself.

I suppose now that he is a man, with his own place, it was inevitable that he would desire digging in the dirt again.  He’s progressed into patio vegetable and herb gardening.  We went to the nursery last week together.  

 It has been a pleasure for me to assist him in whatever way I can but he seems to have it all under control.

I took the top photo about a week or so ago.  His garden is up now.  I’m told the beets, kale,bush beans, broccoli,and carrots have all made a showing since then.

He also has two huge pots for tomatoes, a tomatillo, and herbs.  I took the photo while he planted some cilantro.

I suppose the apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree.


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