Medicine Cards ~ The Eagle

Eagle Medicine

I have used Medicine Cards for many years.  I gave my original deck away a few years ago, to a friend who I felt could use them, and I used a smaller deck.  Last year, I found a brand new set of Medicine Cards at a thrift store, and I’ve been pulling a card every now and again, for both myself and privately, to assist in prayer for my own friends and family.  I usually think about the person I am concerned about, pull a card, and place it next to their picture.  I’m sure I don’t need a card, but it’s nice to have something to look at and remind me to hold them in the light when I see the card next to their photo.  I don’t “worry” about the person.  Instead I send the energy of the medicine in the card to assist them in working through their own difficulty. 

Today I pulled the Eagle for myself.  I love eagles.  

Eagle Medicine helps me to remember the greater spiritual picture and to recognize my connection to all that is.


4 thoughts on “Medicine Cards ~ The Eagle

  1. I remembered this post and had to go look for it 🙂 I just bought The Sacred Path book/cards. While on vacation in New Mexico last month, my husband’s Aunt did a reading for me with hers. I LOVED it and had to buy my own 🙂
    Every morning I walk/do yoga/meditate and then while I’m in a very receptive state I pull a card. It’s always exactly what I need to hear and work on that day 🙂
    The Medicine Cards are a good companion to the Sacred Path cards.

  2. Collen: I’m so happy you found it again. I will make a category under “spirituality” to make posts easier to find.
    I think I have those cards…I need to check my bookshelf. Have you ever seen the Inner Child Cards? Those are beautiful.
    I’ve been doing yoga too! It seems to help keep me centered.

  3. I found your blog when I googled The Medicine Cards. I had an eagle fly in front of my car when crossing a river in Indiana today. I was wanting to find out what the eagle meant. It was my first eagle sighting….and it was a close encounter! I need to buy The Medicine Cards. They would be a great deck to have.
    Anyway, I like your blog!

  4. Theresa: To have a close encounter with an Eagle is, in my opinion, a wonderful sign!
    I love using the cards. They’re beautiful.
    I saw a hummingbird fluttering around my living room yesterday during a snow storm and frigid weather. I knew it was reminding me of my JOY.

    (Yes, I’m one of those people :))

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