He Did IT!

Make sure you turn on the sound above!

Sean received his Bachelor Degree this past Saturday on June 14th.  


The ceremony was beautiful, the weather was perfect.  Mother Nature loves Sean too.  Words cannot express how proud I am of my son. 

 As a mother and especially as a homeschool mother,  watching him walk into the stadium was an amazing feeling.  It wasn’t just that he was graduating–it was  knowing how hard he worked to earn his degree.  It was knowing that all the effort I had put into homeschooling was worth it.  It was knowing he had developed a true love for learning–which was what I had hoped for. 

I am grateful for the support of homeschool pioneers like Karen Fogle who supported my decision to pull Sean out of public school and bring him home.  She taught a short course for parents who did not have a two year college degree.  She bypassed the formalities and gave me a fast “pass” which  allowed me to remove Sean from public school immediately.  She believed in my ability to teach Sean even though I had never graduated high school!  I soon discovered that home teaching isn’t anything like regular school.  I believe modeling social interactions and my own love of learning and life helped encourage Sean to do the same.  At one point Sean took off on his own and left me in his academic dust!  It was an awesome experience.   I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

 We love you Sean!

CONGRATULATIONS to Olivia too !  Olivia is Sean’s girlfriend of three years.  We love Olivia and it made the graduation extra special to see her walking with our son.   You two will go far.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I couldn’t have hand picked a better woman and partner for Sean.  Olivia is as intelligent as she is beautiful and we are proud of her too! 

We love you Olivia!

Sean is planning on applying to graduate school.  His father and I wish him the best in whatever direction he chooses to travel in life.  I signed his card with a quote by Mahatma Gandhi which I will close with now:

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. 


More photos behind the cut just click here



Quincy Jones gave a wonderful speech!  You can listen to a clip on YouTube

Sean climbed up the bleachers to join us after the ceremony.

He then immediately called to find Olivia!



14 thoughts on “He Did IT!

  1. Bravo!!! what a wonderful job you did capturing this.. and what a wonderful job you did raising your son. I wish I had known you earlier. When I was pulling my hair out over some of the stuff involved with home schooling. 🙂 The movie was fantastic! I grinned the whole time watching it. How proud you must be. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I was a wreck through most of the home schooling years LOL. I’m so happy I found Grace Llewelyn’s “Teenage Liberation Handbook” or I might have gone mad!
    You’re always so supportive and kind to me…thank you for that!
    I hope you could hear the sound…I noticed I had to turn it up on the Youtube screen to hear it. I love that song.
    Thanks for commenting Kim. I wish you were my neighbor.

  3. Yes I heard the sound fine! I didn’t have to turn it up at all. My spanish is not real good.. but I did catch Nino.. so knowing that… it must be a very touching song. I only have one year left of homeschooling… and I have been a wreck throughout it. I would SO love to be your neighbor!

  4. The name of the song is Mi Nino (My Boy!)by The Gypsy Kings. I don’t know Spanish either, but I love the music and I looked up the translated lyrics, read them, and cried. I knew I had my song 🙂
    Words translated (and it’s online so hopefully close enough):

    MI NINO (My BOY)

    The day that
    You arrived here
    My life changed to being happy
    For that I thank the lord
    Your hands, small, innocent
    You are in the sun
    It caresses your face with warmth
    My time belongs only to you

    I know that you have to cry
    You have to cry
    In order to be able to grow up

    I know that you have to cry
    You have to cry
    In order to be able to grow up

    The day that
    You arrived here
    My life changed to being happy
    For that I thank the lord

    Your hands, small, innocent
    You are in the sun
    It caresses your face with warmth

    I know that you have to cry
    You have to cry
    In order to be able to grow up …..

    – Translated

    I can tell you are a wonderful mum. Don’t waste another moment worrying. With a mother like you, he is probably a great young man–with really NICE sunglasses LOL

  5. LOL thanks!!! I am smiling ear to ear.

    thanks for translating too… I know “nino”… I actually live in a hispanic community. The song is very sweet and sad… … and true.

    have a good evening! 🙂

  6. Mazel tov! Thrilled for all of you! Sean is an awesome guy, and Olivia a wonderful woman. You are truly blessed my friend!

  7. What lovely photos.

    Congratulations to Sean, Olivia, and You!

    Wow you homeschooled? I thought about it for awhile, but then decided to go against my husband and find different classes for one of my sons. The principal called me in and said she wanted to deal only with me when it came to this son, because it worked so I obviously knew him better. When he graduated HS and University, I was so proud.

    The other son I just had to prod to turn in his work. He’d do it so fast and get on to other things, forgetting to turn projects, papers, and tests, into the teachers. His locker was like a messy file cabinet.

    Again, Congratulations to all of you.


  8. that was great! You captured the day beautifully. I am so proud of my handsome and lovable grandson, what a great memory of his graduation. I am so proud of the wonderful loving mom you are. That day will not be forgotten. I am happy for Olivia, too. She is a sweet and beautiful young woman. I wish the best to both of them starting out together.

  9. What a wonderful feeling! All those years of work paid off for all of you!

    That’s an awesome task, homeschooling. I considered it at one point but then found an alternative school that would work for Max. During that time I was really aware of the magnitude of the responsibility and at the same time aware of how much better things would be long term. Congratulations to both of you on a job well done!

  10. Thank you to everybody who left congratulations and comments here. It is an exciting time for our family and we appreciate all of the kind words.

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