Bawk, Bawk Bawk, Bawk Bawk, Bawk, Bawk-KAH!


Have I mentioned how dadbanged loud my new hen is?  I’m ready to muzzle her!  She’s going to make my neighbors hate the whole chicken idea.  I am writing this with her bawking in the background.  It’s not just a quiet little bawking–it’s more like a  “Baaaaaaaaaaaaaawk, Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk-KAH!”  When she is ready to lay an egg she wants the entire world to know and she wants them to know at least three hours in advance.  Afterwards she wants nobody near her egg, except for me, and she bawks and wails until I go out and get it.  She gets mad at the other chickens for even peeking in her nest while she is laying.  Good God!  What have I gotten myself into?
Oh well, I have eggs 🙂


A few more photos here (including a peek inside the coop) here…


Above: Interior coop.  We have three separate housing units to keep the chicks together, and the two hens separate at night.  At dusk, when the chickens go inside, the little chicks have the run of the coop and the two big girls are separate from them.  This way we can darken their individual pens and the light doesn’t bother them.  It’s still a little chilly at night here , so we haven’t turned off the heat light on the 8 weeks olds yet.  So far, so good.

The little dog travel kennel is a $3 steal from a garage sale, and the hens seem to enjoy laying their eggs inside it.


This is Roxy announcing her egg.  I’m here holding it in front of her to let her know all is well 🙂


Above:  Roxy’s egg


13 thoughts on “Bawk, Bawk Bawk, Bawk Bawk, Bawk, Bawk-KAH!

  1. I like how you got a picture of her mid-bawk bawking… does she does this at a certain time of day?

    so the inside of the coop is drywalled? wow.. I guess it would need to be, so that the walls could be insulated for winter maybe? Do chickens need warmth during snow season?

  2. HI Melanie: Yes, i think they are like people 🙂

    I just wish Roxy would use her “quiet voice” Ha!

    I had an egg this evening. Mmmmm. I wish I could share one with you.

  3. Hi Kim! Thanks for posting those recipes 🙂

    It’s easy to catch her in mid bawk because she rarely stops 😦
    Yes, Mark drywalled the coop. He insulated the walls. I guess most people only do that in colder regions, but our area can get cold and we do have a lot of rain and wind. There is something called foam insulation, but we only used materials could scrounge. We hardly had to pay for any of the supplies. We used scraps from jobs that builders said we could have.
    I’ve heard chickens can have their feet or the red parts get frost bitten. That would be too sad.

  4. This was funny!

    It reminded me of when we got our lovebirds. Good Lord – who knew they were miniature parrots?

    At least your loud lady lays.

    (That could be a country tune)

    I can hear you signing it now 😉

  5. I simply cannot believe how loud Roxy can be. I was awakened at 4:30 am this morning to the same noise. I’m not so sure she will remain a keeper. Mark went out and turned off the chick light and she mellowed out a bit.

    When we had, Monet, our cockatiel, he was loud, but not loud enough to be heard through insulated walls ha! I do have a friend with a love bird and WOW– I am amazed at how loud her bird can be–ear piercing!

    Are backyard chickens allowed in your town?

  6. Hi Patricia,
    The most work, in my opinion, is building a coop and pen. Some people buy pens pre-made. We made the mistake of buying two 9 month old hens instead of waiting for our chicks to reach laying age. It caused more work because we have to keep them separated until the chicks are large enough to fend for themselves. I’m told it is very unusual to have a hen as loud as Roxy (wouldn’t you know I ended up with her LOL).

    My husband did not want chickens to begin with, but now he enjoys them even more than I do. He’s like Farmer Mark out there with the chickens now.

    Below is the first site I shared with him that started to change his mind about chickens. grass clippings

    I have several more links. Feel free to email me or comment back if you’d like me to post more.

    Also, a great book titled “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” is awfully fun to read too. Maybe you can check it out at your local library.

  7. Sarah: We’ve been eating those fresh eggs as fast as those gals can lay’em too! 🙂

    Lauren: For now I think Mark has put in an equal amount of labor for their fruits too HA!

  8. It looks like you live in the country? Or at least you have some land? If so, chickens will be a breeze for you. Let me know if I can help you with anything…including a little arm twisting 😉

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