As fate would have it, we met again!

Great Dane at the Farmer's Market

I shot this photo at the Everett Farmer’s Market last June. For whatever reason, it is my most popular Flickr photo, having received 13,369 views. In comparison, my photo of the famous “Take Home Chef” Curtis Stone has received 663 views.

As fate would have it, I ran into them again…check it out here…

I blogged about both of the experiences:

Everett Farmer’s Market and A Great Dane


I Spotted Curtis Stone “Take Home Chef” w/ Photos!

 walking waterfront

The reason I’m bringing this back up is because last weekend I went to the Snohomish Farmer’s Market and talk about your smal world—I ran into the same man with his Great Dane! I decided to approach he and his wife and tell them how popular the photo I had posted on my Flickr account had become. They were very kind and the man immediately had his Great Dane, Bryson, pose up on his shoulders again and without thinking or asking, I took another shot! I really like this one.


We exchanged email addresses to share the photos.


I have a few friends who spin and I fell in love with this woman’s booth.  She sells beautiful hand made wool handbags too!  I bought some of her goat soap, as I’m a soap maker too, but I’ve never tried the goat soaps.  I like the texture and it turned out to be nice and sudsy too.

I asked if I could take her picture and she said “Sure”, then blushed a little.  Check out that spinning wheel!






10 thoughts on “As fate would have it, we met again!

  1. I’m surprised there isn’t one in your area. I would think you’d have access to some great produce.

    The great thing about the Everett Farmer’s Market is that it is right on the marina–very cool.

  2. I just went to our farmers market today.. it’s so small though.. about a block long.. and there wasn’t any corn.. but I got some fabulous freestone peaches! yum!

    Curtis.. yum! 😛

  3. Ours are pretty small until late July, and right now our produce is behind because we’ve had such a cool June.
    FREESTONE PEACHES? You know those are my FAVES!

  4. That Great Dane shot reminds me of a man and his dog who use to come into a gas station I worked at. He drove a big crew cab pickup truck. They drove up and the man came into the gas station. My bos gave me a giant dog treat and said go check out the man’s back seat.

    Ok…I figured this is one hell of a dog bone! Then I looked in the back window. H is dog took up the ENTIRE back seat! Wooo!

    Awesome dog, I loved when they visited!

  5. I had never thought about the size of the bones and treats they need! Ha!

    I’ve never seen so many Great Danes as I have since I moved to the Seattle area–must be popular.
    My son’s girlfriend’s mother used to have Great Danes and she claims they’re great dogs. She also said they don’t live as long as other dogs. I wonder why?

  6. I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog…all the food looks wonderful! I would have bought the rose water, too…need or not, the bottle is great.

    The Great Dane is my favorite. We had one that looks like a ringer…he passed away about 6 years ago…the pics brought back precious memories of a great dog. Thanks.

  7. Hi Judy:
    Oh, it’s so hard to lose a pet. We lost our last Yorkie and about 6 months later bought another. I thought I wasn’t ready, so I tried not to bond, but it was hopeless. I’m bonded again 🙂
    It is a pretty bottle isn’t it? I’m pathetic 🙂

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