Polka Dots and Addiction

I found another cool Pyrex Mixing Bowl. I need another old pyrex bowl like I need a hole in the head. I couldn’t just leave it sitting there on the shelf. I mean, for Chrissake it has polka dots!


I admit it, I’m addicted. I can’t leave a piece of old Pyrex well enough alone. My pink cabinets are filled with the stuff. I love to bake and prep in the retro pastel colored Pyrex bakeware. It’s a sickness, but there is not a 12-Step program, so here I sit.

I think there is a part of me that wants to believe I can somehow capture “the good old days”. The days when sweet little grandmas wore aprons with heart shaped pockets and baked pies filled with sweetened fruits and custards. Nevermind whether the good old days ever existed. Reality dictates that buying a pastel or polka dotted mixing bowl is not going to bring them back. I know that. I have common sense–most of the time. I still can’t part with my set of multi-colored Pyrex nested mixing bowls.

I once found a pink Pyrex nesting bowl and although a crazy man was following me around the store I couldn’t leave without that pink bowl. As he inched closer and closer to me–I started to walk faster and faster–finally breaking into a sprint holding my pink bowl in hand as I heard him shouting, “I love you!”. In spite of fearing for my life from the crazy man, I still waited for a cashier and paid for that damn pink bowl. Priorities.


10 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Addiction

  1. It is grand to be loved…LOL…I would have hung around for the bowl, too…afterall…if he had gotten too friendly it would have packed a pretty good wallop! 🙂

    Beautiful pie!

  2. Excellent point! That guy had a little too much love to give–Ha!

    Thanks (the pie), I have a link to the recipe on my site.

    Also, thank you for dropping by and commenting.

  3. I’ve got a thing for fire king. I need more. I had a real nice jadeite bowl, I used to use it for everything. I broke it.
    You’re totally right. It takes me back… to when food was made from scratch… and with love and effort. Food is art.

  4. Oh, I should have mentioned…my addiction extends to Fire King 🙂 You have great taste! I’m sorry about the Jadite bowl 😦
    I agree with you—food is art!

  5. it’s not a bad addiction! i am a total sucker for pyrex, but i love every peice i have! i am trying to find some cute thrifted pyrex mixing bowls at the moment cause i am so stockpiled with bakeware and that is an amazzzing bowl! how would you pass that gem up really?

  6. I would keep it all, but my cabinets are getting crowded which makes it harder to reach in and grab a bowl while baking–I’m sure you know how it is! I usually eliminate a bowl or something when I bring in something new, and I can’t part with my others yet.
    What kind of mixing bowls are you looking for? I used to find many more than I do now. Have you noticed more and more people seem to be into them?

  7. This whole entry made me laugh so much!!! “It’s a sickness, but there is not a 12-Step program, so here I sit.” was especially good.. and the bit about the old man chasing you in the thrift store. Priceless!!! My grandma lived across the country from me, so I never experienced any of her baking.. so my illusion of sweet little grandmas is right up there with yours! By the time I got to start spending time with my grandma, she’d decided she was no longer cooking! Boo hoo. Illusion dissolved, in reality at least. It can still, however, live in the mind. 🙂

    • I was away having surgery, so I just read your message. I think it’s great that you can find good clothes at your local thrift store–that is a plus. My sister lives in Idaho, and she has told me the same thing about not being able to find good kitchen items. If you’re ever up this way, check out the thrift shops! Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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