Cuisinart Bread Machine


From my experience with bread machines–I’ve owned three—this one works the best.  I bought this Cuisnart Convection Bread Machine used for $14.99, and I’ve made french bread four times–successfully.  The Amazon reviews made me nervous, but I had already bought it at the thrift shop, so I figured I just lost my fifteen bucks and I’ll get over it.  Half of the reviews are more than positive, but the poor reviews are extremely negative. 

This model uses convection baking which makes the crust cripsy, and I really prefer it.  It is difficult to get out of the pan, but I’m working on a way to change that.  The paddle can be removed before the last rise–which I believe is a plus. 

It’s been a nice break when I don’t feel like baking my usual six loaves at a time.

Nothing looks sadder than bread machine bread, but this bread tastes surprisingly good. 



2 thoughts on “Cuisinart Bread Machine

  1. Just making my 2nd try loaf. The first was a disaster. Oatmeal recipe. This time I pulled it out through the middle fo the process to nead by hand because there were piles of dry material and a lump. Any recipe advise that would be successful and give me some hope?

  2. Sue, my first thought is to tell you to go buy the book “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes”. Turns out the bread I make (I have blogs on this too)frm the book without a bread machine is even easier than messing with the machine. I’ve only made the basic Italian loaf in the Cuisinart Bread Maker and both times it turned out fine. I did see on the reviews are about 50/50 which makes me wonder if if some machines are better than others. I’m so sorry for your bread struggles. My advice would be make sure you’re using bread machine flour, bread machine yeast, and when you take the beater out on the second set of beeps, you can kind of form the loaf together and incorporate any loose flour before replacing and letting it rise and bake again.
    Honestly, I really hope you give the book recipe I recommend a try. It’s SO easy and so good!

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