Hot Weekend! Ghostbusters and Chicken Herding

This past weekend, we had some hot weather!  I am so happy Mark installed an air conditioner.  I didn’t want the hole in the wall, but I welcome it on these 90 degree days.  I’m sure ninety degrees sounds mild compared to some regions.  I know.  I’ve lived in Florida, California, Arizona, and New York (and everywhere in between).  We’ve been wimpified here in the Pacific Northwest.  I suppose it’s just what each region’s people adjusts to.  In this area, if we heat up to 80 degrees, it’s a heat wave.

Sean and Olivia came over to wash their car.  It’s a bit hot for car washing, but they did it and then I found them watching Ghost Busters in the den.


I cook with the air on, so I’m sure it was cold to them–hence the throw blankets.  Givoanni joined them.


When Giovanni isn’t napping, he’s busy herding chickens.  I don’t think they take him seriously, and frankly I’m more concerned for his safety than for theirs.


After a while, they simply ignore him.


One thought on “Hot Weekend! Ghostbusters and Chicken Herding

  1. Love that first photo.. too precious. I love how Giovanni is curled up next to them. 🙂

    & herding chickens! Isn’t it true that many small dogs, have no idea they are small at all!

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