Angelnina’s Strawberry Jam ~ Canning and freezer jam


Freezer Jams

I wanted to pick my own strawberries this year, but when the weather changed to “Holy hell, I’m fryin’ out here!” I decided a farmer’s market was the next best thing.  The farmer’s market is closer than the U-pick farms, so when I add in a gallon of gas, the berries cost $5 more than if I’d picked them myself.  I think it was worth it. 

As I blogged here,  I was fortunate enough to receive the canning jars for free.  So,  my total cost for 5 jars of my own gourmet strawberry jam, and 7 jars of freezer jam, came to about $1.60 a jar.  If I didn’t make freezer jam I wouldn’t have needed the pectin and could have saved $2.49 off the total cost.  Considering I have paid $6 for a jar of gourmet jam, I’m very happy with the outcome.
 Water Bath Canned

Angelnina’s Strawberry Jam

I use 2 lbs 3 oz strawberries (fresh picked and hulled)

3.5 cups sugar

zest of half a large navel orange

1/4 fresh squeezed lemon juice

1.5 tbsp orange liqueur

Mash strawberries in 1 cup batches.  Add sugar and stir together.  Add zest and liqueur Cook until boiling and bring to 220 degrees.  It’s important to stir constantly and not allow it to burn.  220 degrees will ensure thickening.

Immediately remove and ladle into canning jars.  Seal in water bath for 10 minutes.  Follow canning instructions.


I follow instructions for uncooked freezer jam inside Sure-Jell pectin.  It’s like eating fresh sugared strawberries.


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