Chicken Coop in Stages




CLICK HERE to see slide show with stages of chicken coop Mark built.

Some people have asked to see our chicken coop, and I have a made a slide show putting the photos together showing different stages-Just click on the highlighted line above to watch it. 

 The pen is going to be made larger and reinforced this week.  We had to hurry and throw something up to give the chickens a home because they were outgrowing the brooders fast!

Latest chicken news:

Roxy is stilling squawking her head off. 

Still don’t know 100% percent that Sean Jr is a rooster, but I’m leaning that way.  He has some awful perty feathers coming in. 

Mark and I are going to video some chicken ideas and post them here soon.

SPECIAL THANKS to the awesome construction men who saved scraps of materials at the job in order for us to build the coop.  Mark and I thank you, and the “Girls” thank you too!


19 thoughts on “Chicken Coop in Stages

  1. Patricia: Thanks! Only if I can come with, I love Florida!

    Ivory Soap: yeah, he drywalls everything 🙂 We want an ark/tractor to move them around with too. We started letting the big girls loose to free range this past week, so maybe we won’t need one unless we’re indoors. They love to scratch around the dirt–I just have to shoo them away from the gardens 🙂

  2. Ours are ‘free range’, I guess. They just go in there at night and when they’re too hot. The garden is fenced now. They almost wiped out my bean crop this year!

  3. I think I’ll get some of that nylon green chicken “wire” to put around the gardens. I’d like them to be able to roam all over the place. Do you clip wings? Our younger chickens fly like crows, so I’m afraid to release them. The big girls had their wings clipped when I bought them, so they stay put.
    Chickens are such little characters.

  4. Ours aren’t clipped yet. They’re 15 weeks and haven’t tried to escape yet. We’ll probably clip them the first time they just the fence.

  5. Our chicks are close in age to yours. Mine were born April 15th. I really want to clip the wings because I know they’ll enjoy roaming the yard a bit more. Right now they’re like watching clowns. Well, you know what I mean 🙂

  6. Okay, I’m sure I will get the ‘watching clowns’ but, as of now I’m lost. Say something more, so I can go, “Ah, yes of course. I know exactly what you’re talking about! How silly of me!”

    Ours have been roaming the yard since six weeks? Have you let them out and they’ve tried to run/fly, or is this just a theoretical concern at this point? You said they could fly, so I’m guessing you’ve already tried ‘free ranging’ and they bolted…which I would think is shameless since they have a dry-walled chicken condo! Thankless women!

  7. Okay, my bad in the communication department.

    I meant to say when I’m watching them they act goofy like little clowns. They challenge one another and fly out of the coop and into the side of the pen, rather than walking the ramp like the “big girls” do. They act so silly.
    Of course, it may be that nobody has chickens who act like mine. In that case, I’m very embarrassed for my poor little backwoods chickies.

    Yours don’t fly all around? Hmmm. I wonder if it has anything to do with breed type? Do yours come to you? Our older hens do, but the babies act so afraid of us it’s hard to catch them. Maybe they will get more used to us if they can run the yard with us.
    I’m learning more everyday about chick stuff.

  8. Oh yes. My chickens are FOOLS. The only flying I see mine do is when they are chasing me for food or they’re trying to jump the garden fence to eat my soybeans. They only come when called if they’re hungry. Piggy chickens. But, the kids pick them up and carry them around all the time. Very docile chickens. They’re Red Stars from Mc Murray. Very gentle, friendly, dependable layers, even through the winter (supposedly).

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