Intense?  Me?  Really?

So, yeah, I’ve been described as intense.  

I don’t see myself as intense, but every once in a while somebody captures a shot of me on camera, and my first thought is, “Gosh, I look so damn intense!”

Of course, I tried my best to catch the “look” myself in the photo above.  I was leafing through a new canning cookbook, and sensed my intense expression.   

 I’m really not all that intense.  The truth is that I need to wear reading glasses, and I have a slight hearing loss in my left ear which causes me to cock my head to one side and lean in when somebody is talking to me–which tends to make people talk more because they believe they are fascinating me.


ABOVE: I highly recommend the book!

As you can see, I’m sitting in my beach view office. 

I love this spot.

I can park right on the edge of the beach and watch the ferry cross back and forth.  Other people park in cars alongside me.   Most are single drivers or couples.  People eating their lunches or reading a book.  Many times I see people so relaxed they’ve fallen asleep–and yes, I’m guilty of a catnap on the beach too.

This spot has been a saving grace.  I called my dad who I hadn’t spoken to in many years from this very spot.  When my husband and I split, he asked me to take him back on this beach.   I taught my son Greek Mythology when I homeschooled him on this beach.   Many wonderful things have happened on this very beautiful beach.

So much has changed in my life.  Change is good.


6 thoughts on “Intense?

  1. I have to get that book.

    Hey! I have an ofice by the beach too 🙂 Go figure. The other day I was remembering all the times we’ve spent there over the years. Remembering TH as a little guy looking for shells.

    Change is good. Life is good. And old friendships are the icing on the cake.

    Have I ever mentioned I can be intense too?

    I know.

    Hard to believe… LOL!

  2. You fascinate me and I can’t even see you! 🙂

    I am just about over the beach. We’ll see.

    …a beach like that though.. I can see why you love it. 🙂

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