Seeking Home for Gold Laced Wyandotte Rooster

I don’t set an alarm clock.  My body is my alarm clock.  You can imagine my surprise when I was awakened by an alarm this morning.


Sean jr


Yes, good ol’ Sean Jr has come of age.  He crowed and crowed and crowed.  He doesn’t sound half bad either.  I’d been warned about the funny sounding crows, but like his namesake, he does some things right the first time.  From the moment I brought my female chicks home and my then 23 year old son picked this one up from the brooder and announced, “Hey, let’s call this one Sean Jr!” (yeah, he cursed my chick),  my husband and I have dealt with the “what ifs” for 4 1/2 months– Until now.  What if has become what is.   So, Sean Jr is seeking a home.   I know it seems rediculous to try and adopt out a rooster to a good home.  Most meat and chicken eaters would happily make a chicken dinner of him.  If he ends up in a pot, I don’t believe it will be my pot.  Not this rooster–not this time.  My real fear is that he will end up cock fight bait or something along those lines.  



ABOVE: Sean Jr 6 weeks



8 thoughts on “Seeking Home for Gold Laced Wyandotte Rooster

  1. We lived next door to a rooster for years 🙂 We got used to waking up to his crowing every morning. I hope you find him a good home – like you, I couldn’t fricassee something that had a name. Particularly not Sean Jr LOL!

    How do you sell a rooster? Is there an agricultural paper where you can out an ad?

  2. You know, I advertised on Craig’s List, and we have had a few responses, and one sounds promising. I’m crossing my fingers that he goes to the couple Mark just talked to. They have a farm in Eastern, WA (which is in an area I LOVE!), so he may have found a great new home. YAY!

    Can you imagine us sitting around the dinner table getting ready to cut into a chicken named after our son? ewww.

    In the future, Sean will not be allowed to see or name my chicks 😉

  3. Good for Sean Jr. he is a roosterman now. Yeah, I don’t think you should be the ones to eat him. He has made his presence known now. You have a hard decision to make for the choices that you have left. Love, Mom

  4. We have a few people who want to “adopt” Sean Jr (wouldn’t Grandma Violet get a giggle out of that one? I can still seeing her showing you how to pick a chicken). Looks like, in either case, he will go to a great little farm.

  5. Oh, dear! Besides the unfortunate brush with canabalism…I think the crowing would get me voted out of the neighborhood quickly~

  6. I have been thinking of you alot lately. I hope all is well. Isn’t it weird that you can meet personalities online and think of them offline. I think that is powerful sometimes.

    I went to the Wilson County Fair here in TN…yeah google it, it’s interesting, lol. Anyway they had this huge, huge agriculture livestock house full of non other than roosters. All kinds of roosters, some of the prettiest roosters I have ever seen..I wanted them!!! Of course I thought of you. I thought, they could have fun in my back yard, I mean I have a pool they could play in there right? Well, I wasn’t allowed to buy one. Go figure!!

    I also made my own pizzas the other dough etc…have you ever grilled pizza? We did the margharite (sp) omg, how fantastic. I hope all is well with you.

  7. Hi Cindy! How are you you two?
    Yeah, the kids at the fair probably weren’t interested in parting with their roosters 🙂

    If I had known you were in the market for a rooster, I would have shipped Sean Jr to you. I mean..a swimmming pool? He’d be living the good life.

    Mark wants to grill pizza too. Making pizza is a lot of fun. I need to do it again soon. I wil try grilling and let you know how it goes.

    I think about you too–always wondered if I’d hear from you, and so happy I have!

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