Our Life with Chickens

This morning Mark made me breakfast.  We ate eggs, smoked bacon and English muffins–complete with homemade raspberry freezer jam.  Mmmm.   I love the smell of bacon on a weekend morning.  It reminds me of camping in the mountains.  I’m so lucky that Mark likes to cook breakfast.

Afterwards I tried to coax Giovanni to join me outside to check on the chickens , but he wasn’t interested.  Gio hates to go outside.  We need Cesar Milan.

Anyhoot, Mark joined me later and tried to tame the chickens.  I made a little video…

If you join Youtube.com and change your viewing (under accounts) to “watch in high quality” the video will be more clear.  Just go to Youyube.com here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouzRct934Co and watch after changing your viewing quality.  Or you can watch in standard quality below:


3 thoughts on “Our Life with Chickens

  1. Those are the most well loved chickens I’ve ever seen. I’ve developed a soft spot for them ever since Jamie Oliver did a show on egg factories and adopted two of the chickens to come back to his farm. It made me cry when he set one of the girls free and she didn’t know what to do.

    Yay you guys!

  2. MA:, I sent you another link to hear him crow-it’s on my Live Journal blog.

    MAVEN: I haven’t seen Jamie Oliver’s show yet! Sounds very cool. Mark was late for work this morning chasing our great escape artist, Ruby the red hen, who flew the length of our yard and almost went into the green belt (never to be seen again). When he finally herded her in, he grabbed her up and handed me scissors to clip her wing. No more flying for Ruby 🙂

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