Chicken Tractor: My Next Project

I went out to check on the chickens.   No eggs yet.

I’m very concerned about my new girls.  I tried to free range the new girls today and they refused to leave the coop.  I think they’re traumatized.  

I have an original flock of 3 pullets, and 2 newer pullets from a separate flock that I introduced about a month ago. My original flock refuses to allow the new girls to eat or even leave the roost. It’s not working for me. I think I’ll build a smaller coop and pen to let the new girls take charge of. They can all roost together, but my little hoglets are going to starve those new girls. I’m imagining a small tractor type coop like this:



3 thoughts on “Chicken Tractor: My Next Project

  1. I hate when my ladies don’t get along! Mine are all free range so at least they can get away from the older hens that think they own the place.

    I was just building a nice coop for my chickens to stay warmer in the winter when I got a frantic call from my daughter Niki. Her hubby had build her free range chickens a very nice warm shelter with a heat lamp to keep them warm at night. She was hysterical. A weasel had slipped into the coop and murdered her rooster and 4 hens.

    Niki is still traumatized by this experience. She loved her chickens dearly and knew how hard her rooster must have fought to try and save his ladies.

    I’ve since scratched the idea of a chicken coop. I feel better letting them roost high up on the rafters of my barn at night. I’ve only seen a weasel here once in the 11 years I’ve lived here but I’m not taking any chances 😦

  2. You know, the same thing happened to my girlfriend here with racoons 😦 I would be horrified.

    The coop is solid. We have seen a family of racoons around here pretty regularly, so we can’t take any chances. We also had a coyote outside of our front fence.

    You know what? I’m noticing the new gals are gradually taking more chances. It’s SO hard to watch!

    I’ll be free ranging more often when I know they know where to go at night. I love to see the chickens in the yard–I feel like I’m on a farm 🙂

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