Soft Pretzels -Alton Brown’s Recipe

Mmmm, these are so delicious.

Soft Pretzel

Yesterday I made Alton Brown’s Soft Pretzel recipe, and Mark and I love them!
These are the best soft pretzels I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of soft pretzels.  These are nothing like the mall or movie theater pretzels.  They have those nice cracks and a lot of flavor.
Part 1

Part 2


Place dough in oiled bowl


Cover dough


Roll to a length of 24"


Shape the Pretzel

 After bath


Into the oven





These are fun to make, but they do take some time.  You dip them into a bath of boiling water and baking soda before baking.  It makes them nice and moist. 

I used sea salt because I didn’t have “pretzel” salt on hand, and it worked great.  I kept two plain and brushed them with butter and dipped in cinnamon and sugar–very yummy!


13 thoughts on “Soft Pretzels -Alton Brown’s Recipe

  1. MLP: They only last a good 24 hours, so I’d freeze them right after they cool.
    Hows the jaw? 😦

    MELANIE: Alton knows his stuff!

    MELISSA: Eat them right out of the oven–that’s when they are at their best!

  2. Oh my gosh! I HAVE to make these. How long does it take? Looks like a fun rainy day thing to do…

    Alton ROCKS! I’ve used his turkey brining method on several occasions.

  3. Well, Alton’s recipe says total time about 2 hours, and I’d say that is just about right. yes, a good rainy day project for sure.

    Alton’s show is very informative. Sean gave me one of his cookbooks too!

    Today I’m cleaning and prepping more food. My “kids” are coming dinner is going to be very interesting this evening 🙂

  4. You and I are so much alike 🙂

    Stay tuned this weekend, I’m doing a cooking extravaganza. This because here in Canada we’ve had a lysteria outbreak on Maple Leaf and Schneider’s meat products – especially sandwich meats. People have died, and we don’t have any idea what the long term repercussions will be because it can take 90 days to get sick.

    This was yet another reason for me to eat locally. So I’m off sandwich meats altogether. I bought a roaster chicken and a roast beef and will be making my own sandwich meat this weekend. While I’m at it, I decided to bake all our bread.

    Can you say kook?

    Let us know how your dinner went! If I haven’t told you lately, I love your blog.

  5. lysteria? OH MY LORD!
    I hope you had leftover roast for sandwiches 🙂

    We videotaped some prep from the dinner and I’ll have to get it up soon. Some people won’t like it, so I might just post it on my Youtube account.

    Thank you!

  6. I made these yesterday. I was in search of finding the similar product in the US after visiting Munich Germany, can’t find them. These were very, very close to the lye dipped versions. My suggestion is to make the bottom or the “smile” side of the pretzel 2-4 times thicker than the “eyebrows” and then you have a crunchy bit of the pretzel and then you have the part of the pretzel that you can cut like a role and make a sandwich or put butter in it like the Germans do.

    Look up “Laugenbrezel” in Google images if you want to see what they are shaped like in Europe.

    I used sea salt on 1/2 and Margarita Salt on the other 1/2 and they tasted the same, GREAT! Although you get a quicker salty flavor with the margarita salt.

    I have made these before with another recipe, and it this recipe is much better, I think the butter in the mix does the trick. I also used just 1/3 cup Baking Soda, only because that was all I had left. In the other recipe they used much more and I didn’t get any better browning but I could taste the Baking Soda, I couldn’t taste it in this recipe.

    I also omitted the egg wash and got a perfectly good browning. I would suggest that you preheat your oven well before making these. It helps in the process of browning.

    I made these and my kids were asking when I was going to make them again.

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