Weeknight Turkey Tacos w/ Homemade Corn Tortillas

 No, these are not “authentic” tacos.   They are, however, flavorful and easier to make on a weeknight when time is limited.


I’ve been trying to come up with weekday dinner recipes that are still flavorful, yet won’t take all afternoon to cook.  Sometimes I’m in the kitchen for hours, and when cooking for Mark and myself, it seems a little rediculous when there are so many things I want to work on–like the remodeling.

I decided to make turkey tacos.  In the past, using store bought tortillas, makes turkey tacos a little blah to me.  I kicked up the seasoning to improve the blah taste of ground turkey, and I made homemade corn tortillas because I have found them to be more filling and flavorful.

Handmade corn tortillas can take a taco from okay to wow!

1 lb ground turkey, browned in a cast iron skillet.

An approximation of my taco seasoning:

2 Tbsp ground New Mexican Chile molido (mild)

1 Tbsp ground New Mexican Chile Molido (hot)

2 tsp cumin powder

2-3 tsp garlic powder

3/4 tsp Mexican oregano, crushed or crumbled (I used Greek)

1 tsp. Spanish smoked paprika (I use El Rey)

2 tsp sugar

1  1/2  tsp Kosher salt

-Mix all together and add about 3 Tbsp or more to your liking (we like a lot) to your browned ground turkey meat.  Add about 2/3 cup water and stir in skillet and let cook on a low simmer for about 15 minutes.

ANGELNINA’S NOTES:  We like our food hot and spicey.  I think people build up a tolerance to hot spicey food over time, so if you know you don’t like hot spicey food, you will want to adjust the recipe.  Use a different paprika and substitute mild chile for the hot chile powder.  


Play with the seasonings to your likings. 

I had some seasoning mix leftover –but not much!

The turkey is lower in fat than ground beef, so many years ago I switched to turkey and now we prefer it.  You can use ground beef if you prefer. 

 Authentic tacos don’t use ground meat, but remember these are easy weeknight tacos 🙂



Maseca Corn flour mix



Simply follow the instructions on the masa mix.  It’s so simple.  Make sure you keep the balls of dough moist.  Sometimes I wet my hands before grabbing the next ball of dough.

If you don’t have a tortilla press, you can use a wooden dowel rolling pin.

I place a ziplock baggie over the top of the press and another flat on the press to keep them from sticking.  Carefully remove plastic and place them on a cast iron griddle for about a minute each side.

I fried mine in canola oil before serving, but dry heating on the skillet works great too–and keeps the dish low fat.


masa dough balls

 Click below to see MORE!







NOTE:  Before y’all holler at me and think homemade corn tortillas are too time consuming, please trust me that if you have a press (they’re very inexpensive) and you follow the steps using the baggies, these are fast to prepare.  If you’ve never made them before, allow a bit more time.   Don’t worry if they’re not perfectly round.  Anything less than perfect becomes “rustic” in my house.


13 thoughts on “Weeknight Turkey Tacos w/ Homemade Corn Tortillas

  1. These look amazing…really simple but tasty!

    Btw, off topic sort of…but do you have any recipes for any choc fudge cakes?? It’s my Husbands birthday soon & I’m searching for the perfect cake!! hehe..
    Thanks! xx

  2. Hi Julia!
    Have you ever made the flourless chocolate tortes?
    Depending on how “chocolatey” you (or your husband) likes cake to be–my step-dad and my girlfriend’s husband loves this cake!

    NOTE:I use half semi-sweet high quality chocolate when I make these.

    If your hubby doesn’t love the rich rich dark chocolate type cakes, I would recommend something else though.

    let me know.

  3. Hey Anita,
    wow…that sounds delicious, thanks! It seems similar to a brownie recipe a friend gave me recently actually.

    It sounds like something I should be making a week ‘after’ Hubby’s birthday mind you…I will have a lot of visitors for the end of Sept (My parents, plus my Stepdaughter)…I bet that would impress them!:)

    I shall be sure to post pics if I do make it though! *winks*
    Oh btw..I forgot to say..I have a new art blog (aswell as my regular one on LJ) on blogger. I added you to my blog list 🙂 xx

  4. I’m so excited to try making tortillas. I think I’ll make this for dinner tomorrow night. I have some nice ground chicken breast meat – would that work?


  5. ps… have you ever heard of the blog “The Inspired Room?”

    If not, I think you would really like it. You can get to from the links section of my blog or I’m sure you could google it.

    This week the blog is featuring “Nesting” and encouraging readers to link and share their blogs on nesting. I thought you might enjoy this and that there are probably people who read that blog who would love yours.

  6. MAVEN: I think ground turkey is pretty similar to ground chicken–although my guys beg to differ 🙂

    I’ll check that blog out! I am looking for a way to re-do the master bath. It’s a 70s nightmare.
    (I’m assuming it’s a home decorating blog!)

  7. I have a tortilla press but have only made pork/potato/black olive empanadas with it using a tamale dough minus the lard (since you fry them you don’t need the lard)…

    I have a real desire to try and make these now. 🙂 Your’s look delicious! yum.. and I bet they smell good too! Is that an iron griddle? I am in LOVE with mine!

  8. The photos look wonderful. Yum! Thank you. Do you know if Masa Harina can be stored in #10 cans for long term storage? I have been trying to locate any information on storing the Harina but haven’t had much luck.

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