My Pullets are Laying Eggs!


View from my kitchen window

Kind of funny because while I was hauling canning jars out of the shop yesterday, my chickens were squawking at me and I said, “Oh shut up and go lay me an egg for God’s sake!”

I guess they showed me.

The first egg was found this morning, under the roost.  Poor thing, didn’t even know how to get off the roost first!  It was found broken cracked and in pretty bad shape.


The second egg was dropped on a paver in the yard.  Surprisingly, it survived.  The third was laid by Lucille, and she laid in the nest like an old pro.








ABOVE: Ethel is one of the original flock.  She likes to charge poor little Pearl,  below.

Ethel was at the bottom of the pecking order before Pearl and Ruby moved in, so now she goes into over kill to keep from being at the bottom of the new girls.

Just like junior high school.


Pearl is the sweetest of the entire flock.  She runs toward us and wants to be picked up or simply patted.  She especially loves Mark.  It’s pretty amazing–she thinks he’s her rooster because he saved her from Ethel.


9 thoughts on “My Pullets are Laying Eggs!

  1. First of all, I love the view from you kitchen window.

    And then… you must have been so excited! Was Mark there? I can totally picture you running in to tell him the news 🙂

    Oh! And I have a new show for you guys – Jamie Oliver’s Italian Adventure. There was a marathon on yesterday night and I was glued to the set. Basically, he travles to Italy in a beat up VW bus and learns to cook from the nonnas in varying villages, a group of monks, and other characters. It was WONDERFUL!

  2. KIM: Thanks, I feel like a live on farm–my dream 🙂
    I love the old fashioned names for girls. Their names fit them too!

    MAVEN: Mark found the first egg and came running in to tell me LOL. His was broken, so he was quite surprised when I called him at work to let him know I found two more–intact.

    I need to check out Jamie Oliver’s show! Sounds like my kind of guy.

  3. My Barred Rocks just started laying last week. (17 weeks) Little tiny eggs only about an ounce. My kids are so excited they can’t wait to check the nests when they get home from school. It is exciting. I don’t get one egg a day yet, though

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