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Does anybody else feel like this is the slowest moving week ever? It feels like time is just dra-agin’ along.

Tonight I am taking a class on southern cookin’.  I’m all about southern cooking.  I’m half Italian and half US southern hillbilly.  Seriously.

I had the option to take this class or another class on Anti-inflammatory cooking. As much as I’d like to know how to cook anti-inflammatory foods, I really can’t say no to southern food. I’m all about the inflammatory foods.

Also, I’ve noticed my energy is taking it’s sweet ass time in picking up. I am taking natural liquid iron for anemia. I hope it works. I really don’t want another series of iron infusions.

Oh, and I found a really neat dishcloth at Tuesday Mornings. Check her out!

Photobucket Image Hosting

Yeah, I know! Dish cloths don’t get much cooler than this. I mean, come on, a scrubby built in? (Yes, I’ll let you know what happens in the washing machine.)


6 thoughts on “Crazy House “Person” Rambling Blog

  1. Love you, but your week does sound rather…um. Boring. Heh! Except of course for the class. And the towel. And I wish to Baby Jee-SUS that iron would start working.

  2. You’re just jealous cuz I found the MuCloth first!

    Honestly, I went from having a ho-hum week, to a WHAM LET’S GET BUSY week overnight.

    The class was interesting, and I can hardly wait to make the recipes that were demonstrated.

    Sugar pumpkins are ready!

  3. I didn’t know you did infusions. I took the liquid iron stuff but it totally aggravated my Crohn’s, so I’ve had many series of infusions. I can tell I need them again, I’ve been craving salt which I never use, but I’m almost past the salt phase. The first time I was so anemic, I was buying bags of ice and I lived on that and the occasional candy bar. lol My doctor wondered how I actually walked into his office. I need to go in and get my blood tested and then infusion time. blah.

    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    I want to make and eat everything you post. The peaches look juicy, and that apple pie…yum.

  4. DEB: Have you tried Flora Floradix Liquid Iron
    that is gluten and yeast free? I wonder if that could make a difference?
    When I was extremely anemic I lived on ice too. I don’t want myself to go down that low again. It was very hard to recover. I hope you are doing what you can. The infusions aren’t that bad.

    I’ll be posting more foods and supplements I’m using that are helping me deal with IBS-C, anemia, and ulcers (which i think leads to the anemia).

    Yes, please get better!

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