Weeknight Crockpot Green Chile Dinner


Fire up the crockpot! 

Okay, so maybe you don’t exactly “fire up” a crockpot, but you can certainly plug it in and set it to high. 

This crockpot meal is both flavorful (spicy) and easy.    Mark was born in New Mexico and he’s a big fan of Green Chile.  No, this is NOT authentic.  I’ll have New Mexican folks hanging me from my toes if I claim it is. 

No, this is a weeknight crockpot dinner.

It’s simply a fake and fast version of chile/soup/stew that has green chiles in it 🙂

Not Authentic Crockpot Green Chile

2 lbs ground beef

27 ounces chopped or whole green chiles (Hatches is best, but I didn’t have any and I prefer whole and chop them myself) I throw the liquid from 2 cans in with it.

1/2 onion chopped

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 can stewed tomatoes, chopped

2 carrots, chopped

3 Tbsp chopped chipotle chiles (from a can–use most the liquid.)  NOTE: If you don’t like it hot, cut this WAY back.  Chipoltle chiles are smoked jalapenos.  Hot mamas!

2-3 cups low sodium chicken broth

1/2 cup BBQ sauce (I love Trader joe’s)

3/4 Tbsp cumin

salt and pepper to taste

2 tsp cornstarch

Brown the ground beef, draind the fat off, throw it in the crockpot with everything else. 

Set crockpot to high and cook 5-6 hours.

Mark loves this stuff. 

Serve with tortillas chips and/or cornbread.



Chopped green chiles


Chipotles in Adobo Sauce




  If you’re canning an entire box of peaches, or you simply need a day off from the kitchen, crockpot meals can make life a lot easier.

If you think crockpot cooking is too much work, go buy a cup of noodles, pour in boiling water and knock yourself out!  

If you can’t boil water, your parents have failed you. 😦


11 thoughts on “Weeknight Crockpot Green Chile Dinner

  1. I made a chili stew yesterday that’s very similar! … it was yummy!!! I served mine with grilled sourdough and mozzarella cheese sandwiches.. (cause that’s what I had in the house).

  2. I see this as beautiful football food. Seriously it all looks fabulous. Now add some Jalapeno/corn/cheese corn-bread to go with it and you can add a little southern in there too. lol
    I always make at least one tailgate party with chili in the fall/winter on a fun Sunday afternoon watching my Titans. lol You recipe looks wonderful.

  3. MAVEN: I haven’t had beef strogan off in YEARS! Crockpots are weeknight dinner savers!

    KIM: Mozzarella cheese sandwiches…MMM-mm! I love grilled cheese sandwiches! This recipe is more of a soup than a stew or chili, but it’s still yummy!

    CINDY: You need to shoot me up a recipe for your southern cornbread. I took a class on southern cooking last week..more to come! I had to look up the team “Titans”–I know nothing about sports.

  4. WEEZY: this is a hot one, so if you make it you may want to eliminate the chipoltes. Otherwise, I’ve made this for you before, but it wasn’t slow cooked and it had beans. Remember? We serve it with fresh flour tortillas.

  5. Hey try these web sites as I think they pretty much have it down with cornbread.

    note: Always save your bacon grease..this is a must in southern cooking. It might not be healthy but it’s a staple here. A food group of it’s own, lol.


    This tells you how to keep a nice “skillet”. btw I have a black belt in skillet. lol Many good southern cornbread recipes here.

    This about.com I find a world of information on in so many topics, but here is a recipe for Jalapeno cornbread..but I don’t put my batter in a pan, I use cast iron (seasoned of course). Also you can find those little designer cast iron skillets ( I use the cactus one for jalapeno cornbread and I have a fish one for catfish dinners) that are perfect for this. ok, I’m a dish fag. lol Just load it up with bacon grease and Crisco, melt it and then pour in your batter.


  6. Okay, here we go! I’m making it- just don’t have time to crock pot it- may add beans- may not.

    I eat leftovers for breakfast- whatever we had the night before- that’s my breakfast! A bit odd, I know- never cared for eggs.

  7. CINDY: Sorry so late to the comment. I love me a good seasoned black cast iron pan, and I have a favorite.

    Cornbread recipes YAY!

    Oh, and “healthy” isn’t in a southerner’s vocabulary. My Grandma Violet told me so 🙂

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