Goodbye Summer


I can’t believe how fast summer flew by.

I feel so unprepared.  Everybody is decorating for fall. 


Giovanni will miss the warm summer days the most.

(His dress belonged to one of Olivia’s girls, and somehow it was passed on to Giovanni.  He doesn’t mind.   He’s very metrosexual.)

Fall has arrived.

My sugar pumpkins are bright orange. 

I’ve cleared the last of the red and orange tomatoes.

The hens are fat and pretty.  They grew up, and they’re giving eggs.

They cackle when they hear my back slider open.  They know I’ll be bringing chunks of squash, cooked oatmeal, and whatever other fresh veggies we have leftover.

The air is cool and crisp.

I painted one of the benches pink and white.  I’m not quite ready to let go of pretty summer flower color.

Soon we’ll have to cover the old Italian fountain and protect it from the wet weather.

My Quinalt everbearing strawberries have not stopped producing yet.    The photo was take a few days back and those berries are ripe and red now.

My raspberries are still in a giving mood too.

It’s time to start moving indoors.  

Mark and I have plenty of hot tea on hand. 

I welcome the fall with all of its shadows and mystery.

Ready or not, fall has arrived.


10 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year. How relaxing it was to read your blog. Giovanni looks adorable in his pretty top, too. He sure loves the sun.

  2. MAVEN: He is too macho. Little Yorkie terrier thinks he’s a Pitt Bull!
    I love how alive I feel in the fall–my emotions are right at the surface.
    Thanks for sharing my blog.

    WEEZY: I didn’t know fall is your favorite time too! Gio is a sun lover. Nice to see you today.

  3. I am ready for cooler weather. Summer’s are hot here in The Central Valley.I love pumpkins on the porch and patio! But, I get sad when my husband puts the patio furniture away. It seems like we just got it all out!

  4. Sighs. Fall is my favorite, but I do prefer the crystal, crisp, sunny days of fall–and am less pleased with this complete jump into the gray rainy season. Dang! Danielle’s ceiling is leaking again –best figger out a plan to patch it up again!

  5. Oh yes. When I started feeling like it was Fall a few weeks ago, before I left for vacation I decorated for Halloween. I put winter pansies in containers on the porch, and I just bought some pumpkins for the porch yesterday. I don’t have such a huge harvest as you do, some tomatoes and zucchini and some acorn squash. Your strawberries make me want to plant some!

    That’s great your getting eggs now. Well have chickens very soon. Fred is almost done with our hen house, I’ll take pictures when it’s done. He really just needs to put in the windows, the rest is done. I can’t wait!

  6. MAMALOVESPUPS: AGAIN? What is up with that roof? We just replaced the roof on the shop–soon to be cottage. We’re drywalling now.
    Today was a heavy day. We ate pho and 5 Star. It always makes me feel warm. The owners are just too nice.

    MELISSA: I just made a huge batch of homemade fresh tomato sauce. I froze it in several containers. It’s not a job I adore.
    My acorn squash didn’t mature, but I had enough sugar pumpkins, summer squash, zucchini, and patty pans to feed an army. The chickens have loved it.
    I can’t wait to see your coop–I’ll bet he made a winner. We’ve been very happy with the security of the coop. Racoons were across the street the other night when my son left, so at least we know they can’t get in. I love my chickens.

  7. Awwww…you’re having cool temps and Giovanni is sporting a sweet dress yet still pulling off the machismo he owns, OWNS I tell ya!

    I’m wishing for chickens. We bought a house and have gutted it…maybe in the spring I can get chicks.

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