Still Canning (Canning Tomatoes)

I have about one more batch to can, and then I can focus on the winter gardens. 

I am planting fava beans,shallots, and garlic.  I’ll also put a cloche over the cold weather veggies and see how long I can keep them going.  So far, so good.

I have never canned tomatoes before.  I have to admit, I’m one of those people who has a bit of botulism fear.   I have always canned jams and fruits, but I steered clear of the dreaded canned garden tomato.  After a bit of research, I’ve found that as long as you add “bottled” lemon juice, all is well.  I’ve read a few blogs by people who do not add the bottled lemon juice, but I’m not willing to take the risk.

Mark decided to snap photos while I attempted my first batch.  It was late, I was tired, and I realized upon uploading that I had already released the “girls” for the evening.   I guess Mark is so used to watching me walk around with my bra straps hanging out that he failed to notice.  Oh well, the show must go on.






Adding the bottled lemon juice


I told you I was tired.


I added 1 tsp Kosher salt to each pint


Plastic lettuce knife works great for removing air bubbles.





My thrift store water bath canner.


...and we're finished!

I haven’t opened and used a can yet, but I’m hoping they’ll make a great tomato sauce.  I have about 10-20 more pounds of tomatoes at the ripe and ready, so I’ll probably be canning more right away.

I used the recipe for hot pack tomatoes at Canning Food Recipes. Com

I didn’t need to add water, as the tomatoes were juicy enough.  I did crush them slightly.  I didn’t want to use the cold pack method because I didn’t want to wait the 85 minutes.


11 thoughts on “Still Canning (Canning Tomatoes)

  1. The last time we canned tomatoes (probably 20 years ago), we added a salt tablet to the bottom of the jar prior to filling with peeled tomatoes. I never heard of adding lemon juice. Anyway, we never had a problem with a bad jar. Good luck. They look great and I’m sure it will all pay off later in the winter and spring when you make sauce of chili or sometime very delicious. Good luck.

  2. From what I’ve researched, the new variety of garden tomatoes no longer have the acidity they used to have. I guess now they require us to use pressure canning or add a bit of acidity (bottled lemon juice).
    I sure do hope they turn out well.
    Chili sounds great right about now. Thanks for your comment. It’s always nice to get ideas from others on canning and such.

  3. oh my god looks like a bumper crop of toms this year then, Wow looks good stuff and would love to try some, shame they not invented somthing that alows for the smell to float down the internet. ahhhhh Great little site and very intresting stories keep up the good work. would love it if you got the chance to look at this site and give me your opinion

  4. Go you. You’re going to love your tomatoes! I add lemon juice to mine – you really can’t taste it and better safe than sorry, right? Will you make sauce with the rest?

  5. LAURA: I need to do something fast with the tomatoes I have left in the garage. I may end up canning again or simply cooking down into a tomato sauce and freezing them again.
    I’m relieved to hear you add the lemon juice too.

  6. I have a slight botulism phobia myself and have always frozen my fresh tomatoes. These look lovely! How brave! You’ll have to let us know you survived your first eaten batch. Maybe have Mark take the first bite?!

  7. WEEZY: As you discovered yesterday, I’m no Wonder Woman. OR am I? 😉

    TAMARA: Well, thank you very much, kind lady. I am happy to make you happy.

    MLP: I have some frozen as well, but I think these tomatoes will be just fine. I’ll let Mark know you have volunteered him as the food tester. LOL!

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