Chicks and Bread

I did it again.

I bought more chicks.

Why I ever go into the feed store is beyond me.

I really love Buff Orpingtons, and I wish I had started my flock with the Buffs.  Sunday we drove to the  feed store just to “look” at the chicks.  We left with these little gals.  They are just adorable.

Last night I had to move them from the garage into the den.   I realized Mark had used the wrong lamp socket with the heat lamp bulb for the chicks.  After a midnight hunt in the shop, we had no luck locating the porcelain socket–which is really important to prevent fire.  I knew the chicks couldn’t stay in the garage and have enough heat from a 100 watt light bulb, so I brought them in and hung the lamp with a simple 100 watt light bulb–so far, it has worked very well.  The brooder is about 90 degrees.   I was awakened by chick peeps on and off throughout the night.  Today I feel like the mother of  newborns.  Thank God breast feeding isn’t required.  I’m exhausted!


I’m not naming any of these gals until I’m quite certain there are no cockerels in the bunch.

For those who followed my first time experience with the original flock, you will remember my son, Sean, naming one of my girls “Sean Jr”, and “she” turned out to be a little rooster!  Needless to say, Sean is not allowed to name any of these chicks.  I think it was a curse!

chicks3More chicky butts than faces in this photo, but they were trying to stay warm until we set up the lamp!


In food news:

I tried a no-knead recipe for a Ciabatta bread.  I found the recipe here at “Food Wishes” an excellent food blog!  He even made a video showing how to make it– step by step.

I had only one problem–my bread stuck to my pan–big time!  I mean it was like I had super glued the stuff down–ripped off half the crust trying to get it off the pan.  I’ve made a lot of bread in my lifetime and never had that happen before.  I’m baking it again, and this time I’m going to oil the pan and then add the cornmeal–maybe I’ll slip some parchment down too!

That said, let me tell you, this bread tastes GREAT!  Look at the texture…amazing stuff, without the kneading.  Granted kneading can be a wonderful meditative experience, but when you don’t have time to, try this one.

bread4Ciabatta Bread looks like a fluffy slipper–it is flatter than a regular loaf of bread.


It is thicker than this photo seems to show.  I really enjoyed it.  The crust was crispy and the interior was just right.

Oh, I do have a bread stone in the oven and I used my convection bake setting for half the time–which may be how I created a super glue base?  If you have a clue, please clue me!

I have to admit–the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes, that I normally make, is more impressive, BUT this really was fun and it tastes great toasted.  It is a nice change, and it is fun to try new things.


10 thoughts on “Chicks and Bread

  1. Those chicks are adorable!!!
    I’ve become addicted to the no knead five minute method for whole wheat bread. It’s so easy and tasty and it freezes really well too!

    The ciabetta looks good – I bet if you throw some olives in the dough it would be amazing!

  2. When I was 6, my g’mother kept me when my parents went to FL and the day after they left I came down with the measles. She bought me two chicks to keep me company because I had to stay in bed in a dark room. Those chicks take me back to then and they are beautiful!

    The bread is gorgeous and Sarah (above) should go get herself some flour and jump right in to Artisan Bread in 5 and join us. I just took out a loaf of olive oil with Herbs de Provence in it and it smells divine. Not sure I can hold out until it cools!

    Love your blog!

  3. LAUREN: Is that Artisan Bread in 5 not the most amazing??? Nothing can beat the ease–so far.

    SARAH: The best way to get over that fear is to start with a very simple recipe, and then make it again and again and again. You’ll see, and in no time you’ll know what the dough should feel like and you’ll be an old pro! I hope to be an old pro one day too–so I keep on trying. Oh, and the chicks say “Hello!” 😉

    PAT: You have a very cool grandmother! Thanks for the great idea–Herbs de Provence? The kids brought me a bottle back from Paris! Oh yes!!!

  4. pat the dough out flatish and put the herbs on it and then roll it up and make the boule of it. Olives are good put on it too, as is parmesan. I find the olive oil dough most amenable to all this silliness.

    OMG is my loaf good!

  5. I can smell their little heads- the chicks! My Daddy raised chickens- and I can conjure up that smell, in my memory! Fun, fun, fun!

    I’m still afraid of them when they are big!

    Ciabatta- my favourite bread! The bomb girl- you got it all going on!

  6. I had to keep going back and looking at the pictures of those precious chicks. And I’m going to check out the ciabatta recipe. I still haven’t found one I’m completely sold on.

  7. PAT: THanks! I’m going to try it!

    TAMARA: I can’t believe you’re afraid of them–did you have a bad rooster experience? I know I sure did! Thanks!

    LILLIAN: I think the “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes” is still my favorite, and I’m looking for a good oatmeal bread–do you have one?
    I love the chicks–they’re getting bigger every single day–as you know 🙂

  8. Hi Angelnina
    Remember me, Patricia from Florida? I was just catching up on your Blog…which I LOVE! The new chicks are so cute. I have my hubby out building a coop. I ordered 12 chicks from mypetchicken, they should be here May 11th..The kids and I are so excited. We even have a couple Buff’s in the order 🙂

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