A Morning Walk

I’ve been walking close to three miles a day for the past few weeks.  I have a lot of anxiety, and I’ve found walking, for at least an hour, seems to help tone it down.   I’ve suffered from anxiety, on and off, my entire life.  Recently, I noticed it was reaching a point that made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know quite what to do.

I know exercise is key in calming the mind, so I mapped a walk near my home, and I set out to walk and walk and walk some more.  I’m so happy I decided to start walking down on the waterfront.  It is only a seven minute drive from my house, and the views are healing.  I thought I’d share a few shots of my late morning journey.


Brackett’s Landing is the ferry terminal for the town of Edmonds.  This park has saved my life.  I can remember bringing my son here when he was very young.  This park will always remind me of our days at the beach.

There is something magical about this place.  I like to read and write here.  Lately it seems to have gained popularity and it’s a challenge to find a parking spot.  I just park up the hill in town and make the walk longer.  It’s all good.


Just past the ferry terminal is a lovely path through yet another park.  In mid summer there are small trees here that are very fragrant.  I still don’t know what they’re called, but the fragrance stops me in my tracks.  I swear fairies live here.



Then it’s past the Senior Center–if I’m not too tempted to stop into their little thrift shop!–and down the steps onto the beach.  I need to feel the sand under my feet.  It grounds me.  Of course then I need to empty my shoes of sand when we climb the next set of steps up toward Anthony’s Beach Restaurant.


When you walk by the restaurant, you can smell the alder planked salmon.


Next, the fishing pier.  Over the years, I’ve seen amazing things on this pier.  Shrimp, crab, salmon, starfish, and sea lions…and so much more.


A lone fisherman.



Fishermen who like to chatter.



Plenty of boats along the marina.



Bridge to yet another park.



A colorful little family building sand castles on the beach




“There goes the ferry!”


This little girl has it going on.  She has enough buckets and colorful castle molds to create quite a kingdom.


I can’t believe how many people I see talking on cell phones at the beach!


They can’t hide from me.  I spotted two beautiful sun bathers in a hidden corner by the wall.




Heading back to town for the car.  I couldn’t stand the heat, and I was starving, so Mark and I stopped off for a cup of soup at the Waterfront Coffee Company.


A dog friendly coffee shop to boot!   I love to stop in here for hot tea in the winter time too.


Stomachs full, and making our way back up the hill.



Anxiety?  What anxiety?


8 thoughts on “A Morning Walk

  1. Walking does help for anxiety. I lived within walking distance to Lake Erie in NY when I was growing up and when newly married. I did not appreciate it enough until I moved. Thanks for bringing back memories!
    (((HUGS))), Suzanne

  2. Gorgeous pics, dear. That’s quite a beautiful and impressive hike. Looks like lots of fun. I’d love to see it in person one day.

    Love on your head.

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