The Gardens in Early June


Le Jardin June 1, 2009

There are few things I enjoy more than waking up to a nice cup of hot tea and looking out at the gardens.  I usually head out in my nightrobe and flip flops.

Once again, I’m recording the early days of the gardens in order to watch the rates at which they progress through the season.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things.


The Artichokes are coming..

(Front: Raised bed)

Care to see more?


Red Leaf Lettuce

Back: Raised Bed

asian pears

4 in 1 Pear Tree (4 varieties on one tree) Asian Pears Shown

My 4-in-1 Pear Tree has prodiced quite a number of baby pears, but only time will tell if they’ll ripen this year.    I believe the photo is of the Asian pears.



I planted two varieties of blueberry bushes this year.  I’m sure it will be at least 3-4 years before we see a blueberry pie, but you have to start somewhere 🙂


Table Grapes

Grapes have been a challenge.  I get several bunches, and then they don’t ripen fully–I suspect not enough sun here in Western Washington.  I am, however, hopeful because this is their 5th summer, and I’ve never seen so many bunches of grapes on both of my my grape vines–I have two different varieties.  In any case, they make for a dramatic backyard screen over the little pergola Mark built.

sweet bay leaf

Sweet Bay Leaf Tree

Just planted this little tree a few weeks ago.  I am so excited to have fresh bay leaves!


mint, Greek Oregano, Thyme (flowered over), and sage

I grow several different herbs–spaced out in my back yard.  I try to keep them all as close to my back patio door as possible.  It’s fun to send people out to snip herbs while we’re cooking.  Although some of these are not really herbs, I call them herbs because I use them for seasoning.  So far, I have rosemary, different varieties of mint, Greek Oregano, basil, thyme, sage, chives, Italian parsley, sweet bay leaf, fennel, and dill.  I will be adding several new varieties to the gardens this year.


Chives, Fennel, and Swiss Chard

I am a nut for the flowering chives.  I think they can change a ho-hum looking salad into a feast for the eyes.

Part of my backyard raised bed is overgrown with flowering chives.  I should have divided them earlier.


Old Bird Bath

I’ve always been drawn to shabby chic treasures–especially in the gardens.  When I moved in this bird bath was cracking and breaking apart, but I just love how it looks!  I’m a fan of chippy and broken.


Waiting on the strawberries

I have several strawberry plants (ever bearing) placed sporadically all over the yard and the perimeters of the raised beds.  They spread quickly, and it’s always nice to wander outside and stop for a quick bite–if the squirrels don’t beat me to them.


Romaine, red leaf, butter lettuce, and Nasturtiums

A few weeks ago, I bought two of these little salad pots from the Edmond’s Farmer’s Market.

I gave one to Sean and Olivia and kept one for myself.  I already have too many varieties of lettuce in the garden, but I wanted the edible flowers too!  I just love to add Nasturtiums to salads in summer.  Soon they should look like this!


Pearl shaking it off.

Pearl is still the sweetest hen we own.   She is very happy that I planted too much lettuce this year–it’s her favorite!

I’ll be taking photos of my other gardens this week, and for those who are interested in vegetable gardening, I hope to get more recorded before harvest time this year!  I’ll even get down and dirty and explain how we make our compost–we do it poor man’s style!


12 thoughts on “The Gardens in Early June

  1. Love the new blog and thanks for sharing all the pics of your beautiful garden! I love it! I think I will do flowering chives. I have bunching onions but they don’t look as cool when they go to flower.

  2. I want to get someone out to dad’s to build stone/brick planting beds. He has tons of rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, fox, and the occasional coyote that eat, eat, eat, whatever is planted. It’s a waste putting anything in the ground, even flowers. So, I figure if it’s a bit higher and fenced, I should be able to grow.

    I love your yard, and your garden. I didn’t know you could get a 4 in 1 pear tree. I love pears, and asian pears are something I can get dad to eat. I love and want to grow butter lettuce, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, leeks, and so much more. My brother plants a garden each year, but only shares the cherry tomatoes. lol figures.

    Pearl is so cute. Wish we could keep chickens here.

  3. KITTY: I know you would put the chives to good use too! Thanks for stopping in and for your kind words.

    DOMESTIC WITCH: YOU can come and live in my garden anytime! I know you and I could have a lot of fun out there with all those little nature spirits 🙂

    DEB: WE have racoons and coyote, so we have to lock those chickens up tight at night. I’ve never had a big problem with them getting into the gardens. My mother has rabbits so she has built garden “tables”–it’s an awesome idea and if you’d like to see a photo of it, I’ll send it on. She grows quite a bit in it and she never has to bend! I want one.
    I am in over my head with raspberries–I didn’t stake them up, so we’re buried–if you were close by I could give you some starters.
    Not only are there 4-1 pear trees, but I’ve seen cherry, apples, plums, pluots, etc. I want to get apples and cherries next.

  4. I would love to see the garden tables. There’s another thing I considered and that is aquaponic gardening. There is a guy (well several now) who build these garden systems that grow everything on water fertilized by the water of Tilapia that you keep in your garden system. Two things It’s damn expensive and in the winter’s here which are really cold and snowy, you have to have it somewhere warm or in a greenhouse (more $$). You can put these systems anywhere, garage or basement even, but need the space and warmth. The other thing is, I’ve heard things about the Tilapia getting diseases. sigh. So, looking for something in the yard. I have a bad back, might need two new hips from dancing for so many years, dad pulled on me and I fell and now have two broken ribs, and today found out I may have to have my gallbladder out. Huge gallstones. I eat fish, no fat, not even butter, how the heck these things got here I don’t know. Doctor says I probably had them my whole life and all the stress I’m under is just whacking my body to pieces. Taking physical care of parents any longer than two years is a killer.

    Any photos would be appreciated!

  5. Beautiful garden, and the early promise of grapes for the table by late summer. Pearl reminds me of Hazel, a hen that preferred to sleep in low tree branches rather than the perfectly good hen house that seemed to suit the others just fine. A mind of her own, that one.

  6. I am in awe of your beautiful garden of vegetables and flowers. Great pictures!
    Pearl looks pretty happy, she probably knows the lettuce is coming.

  7. Your garden is beautiful. I admire your dedication to the chickens and the growing of your own herbs and vegies. I have an herb garden, but have abandoned the vegetable garden since we moved to the lake. Too shady and too many deer. It is the farmers market and CSA boxes for me.

  8. Awesome, no I mean it!!!!!!!! You are extraordinary!!!!! The food the garden, the energy!!!!!! Bravo girl!!!!!

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