APPLE PIE ~ More Baking with Olivia

I’ve been on a pie baking roll!  I just love pie–I do, I really really love it!  I love cream pies, fruit pies, meat pies, ANY pie!  I’m not sure I’ve ever met a pie I didn’t love.  I would love to try a grape pie!  I hear they’re pretty good.

I grew up on pie pastry made with Crisco, and to be honest, I thought I’d never enjoy a pie crust without it, but with all the bad press on shortening, it was either stop baking pies or change with the times.  I changed.  I’m happy to report, I don’t miss Crisco at all 🙂


The pie pastry above is from The Pie and Pastry Bible by Rose Levy Bernanbaum.   I love this book, and she won’t steer you wrong.  Her cookbook has helped me to cross over from Crisco to butter.

Olivia’s second pie lesson request was for apple pie.

Olivia is committed.   She rolled, peeled, sliced, mixed, and crimped–I run a tight ship!– until we finally got that apple pie made.



I love Rose’s idea of rolling between two sheets of plastic wrap–no sticking! YAY!

Don’t forget how great the marble rolling pins are for pie pastry!


While Olivia and I slaved over a hot stove, the guys snacked on Mark’s homemade salsa and tortilla chips while watching “Bizarre Foods” with Andrew Zimmern .  I can hardly stomach that show–who in their right mind?…

anyhoo, back to the pie…

apple slice

Apple Pie

We didn’t have time to allow the pie pastry to cool for an hour in the fridge,  and I often add more apples to the typical apple pie recipes–because let’s face it–with apple pie, more IS better!  Instead, I stuck to the usual 2  1/2 pounds of apples.

Here we are, sliced and ready for ice cream!


Recipe for crust is on Epicurious Basic Flaky Pie Crust


ABOVE: 1950’s plastic apron–how cute is this?


7 thoughts on “APPLE PIE ~ More Baking with Olivia

  1. Oh that pie looks so good. see if I can use my special butter for the crust. I will pick up some apples this weekend and try it.

  2. I grew up with crisco pie crusts too. Lately I have been making mine in the food processor with tiny cubes of cold butter. Your apple pie looks so good and the crust is beautifully flaky.

  3. Mmmmmmm! Bread and Pie Crust frighten me. I don’t think I’ll be a grown up cook until I conquer my fear. I’ve had a couple of flops- and that’s a lot of clean up- for a flop. The plastic wrap sounds good!

    The apron is just too sweet for words- and I’m not sure if it’s you or Olivia- but someone has gorgeous hands.

  4. WEEZY: You totally missed out on this pie! I wish you could have made it. We froze half of it because we had all been eating coconut pie the day before 🙂

    PENNY: We did the pastry with the food processor too. I just keep a close eye to prevent over mixing–works like a charm. Too bad about the Crisco. My grandmother Violet fried her chicken it, and I’ve never had chicken as great as hers 😦

    TAMARA: Those are Olivia’s beautiful young hands. She really does have lovely hands–very delicate. The Pie and Pastry Bible can walk you through that pie pastry process and I’ll bet you’ll have a great pie in the end. We baked bread too, and I’m working on that blog as well.

  5. Hi there! Thanks for coming by my place this weekend! I have always wanted to visit the Lavender Hill Farms but never have had the chance. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks so beautiful out there. Your blog is adorable!! I will be back to visit for sure!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Michelle 🙂

  6. Looks AMAZINGly GOOD! I will have to try to make a nice flaky crust. Still haven’t gotten the hang of it and it ALWAYS comes out like a cookie – not flaky at all. 😦

    Let a blog award on my blog for you! Keep up the great blogging!

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