Lavender Fields Forever


Oh how I love the scent of lavender.  It does something to me.  No, really, it does something to  me.

I want to touch it, I want to smell it, I want to cook with it, and I want to bathe in it!  I can’t tell you how much I love lavender!  It must be the Lavender Fairies, but I just have to have it in my life.

I visited Lavender Hills Farm today, and let me tell you, it is an amazing place to visit.

As I walked through the entrance, I smelled a wonderful scent, but it wasn’t lavender–what was it?  Jasmine?  Oh no, this was something I have smelled before–it was honeysuckle!  Lots and lots of  honeysuckle wrapped around the arbor entrance to the lavender fields.  Oh, the smell of honeysuckle mixed with this view?…



How long has this farm been here, and why haven’t I visited before?  Oh, forget the past, look at this place!



I’m highly allergic and I avoid cats like the plague, but remember, I was under a the spell of the wee folk 🙂 …


Look at this little one…


The Lavender Fairies put a spell on me and I want a cat.  I do!



Every where I went, these green eyes were never far behind.


I especially enjoyed the blown glass garden art–gorgeous!


I left with a jar of lavender honey (from their own bee hives!), a package of culinary lavender, a white lavender plant (Yes!  Lavender can be white too!), and 3 rhododendrons–they are mystery plants, as the owner has no idea what kind they are.  I figured for $3 a bush, I’ll take my chances.  I mean, who knows what else those fairies have in store for me.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I need to start baking something with lavender.

Maybe this Lemon Lavender Cake!


9 thoughts on “Lavender Fields Forever

  1. Oh what a wonderful day you had! That lavendar cake sounded so good. I tried to copy the recipe, but it wouldn’t copy right. I will try again.

  2. yay.. chalk one up for the kitties! He’s a cutie too. I love lavender.. but I am bad with it. I bought a lovely lavendar bush… potted it.. enjoyed it for about two weeks and the flowers withered.. and so I cut them thinking that would encourage the plant to give me new flowers… and no such luck.. it’s been about a month!!! I want some soft purple velvety flowers back.

    • Kim, I’ll bet you’ll get a lot of flowers from it next year! The man at the lavender farm told me to cut the flowers back when I planted it to give me more flowers next season.

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