Homemade Cannolis? Fuhgeddaboudit

I have found a fool proof way to enjoy a fried dessert–guilt free!  How?  Serve a salad for dinner!  No, I’m serious.

So what if you and I both know that salad dressings can be just as fattening as a juicy steak.  I don’t know how it happens, but anything mixed with lettuce tricks my brain into thinking it is a low fat healthy meal.

Hey, whatever works–works! 🙂


I call this a Cobb Salad, but It isn’t exactly a true Cobb Salad.  It’s something we love to eat for dinner when the weather is hot.

We grill some boneless, skinless chicken breasts

fry some bacon

hard boil eggs

chop up romaine and iceberg lettuce

Bake some homemade croutons

slice and dice, hard boiled eggs, avacado, feta cheese, bacon, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, radish, and just about anything you love to eat–and mix it all together.  Top it off with Ranch or Ceasar Salad dressing.

Very tasty!

Now for the  cannolis!

This is the first time I’ve ever made the shells–I usually buy them at the Italian deli and make my own filling.   Rolling these in the pasta roller proved to be a bit challenging at first, then I realized if I roll them myself and then flatten them further in the pasta roller, things went smoother.

In the end, they turned out great, so I’m happy with the results.  Mark said they were the best cannolis he had ever eaten.  Who knew he didn’t care for the boxed shells?


Wish to see more of the process?  Click below…

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Chicken Predators

What a summer we’re having!  I’ve decided I need to scale back on some of my plans.  I had wanted to paint the house and out building a nice light yellow with white trim, but we may need to push that plan into next summer.  The gardens and chickens are keeping me plenty busy.

A few weeks ago, Mark and I heard a lot of commotion behind our side yard fence.  The trees are thick between the two properties, but we heard a few crows flipping a fit!   On closer observation, I discovered this little bandit in the cherry tree.


On even closer observation, I saw 4 little bandits!   Mother crow was on the branch above screaming for the life of her baby.

The bandits looked right through me.

My only fear was for the chickens.  Two older hens are allowed to roam with a simple nylon fence, and I can’t believe the raccoons haven’t attacked by now.

They sure do look sweet and innocent…


We have decided we can’t go on worrying about letting the big girls roam. Nature may take its course, but it feels cruel to keep them penned up. Two weeks later, the girls are alive and well.


Last night, the motion detector went off on the outside of the chicken coop, and we saw a possum climbing up the side looking to gain entry.  I hear tell possum eat chicken too.  Check out this very cool Youtube video.

Our large screen television blew up last night, but I think we have our own wildlife show going on in the backyard.

I’ve been absent from my blog. Summer is a busy time at Angelnina’s Cottage. We’ve had a beautiful spring and summer. Our part of the country usually doesn’t deliver all the sunshine and warm temperatures we’ve enjoyed this year.   I believe we earned it after an unusually hard winter.