Homemade Cannolis? Fuhgeddaboudit

I have found a fool proof way to enjoy a fried dessert–guilt free!  How?  Serve a salad for dinner!  No, I’m serious.

So what if you and I both know that salad dressings can be just as fattening as a juicy steak.  I don’t know how it happens, but anything mixed with lettuce tricks my brain into thinking it is a low fat healthy meal.

Hey, whatever works–works! 🙂


I call this a Cobb Salad, but It isn’t exactly a true Cobb Salad.  It’s something we love to eat for dinner when the weather is hot.

We grill some boneless, skinless chicken breasts

fry some bacon

hard boil eggs

chop up romaine and iceberg lettuce

Bake some homemade croutons

slice and dice, hard boiled eggs, avacado, feta cheese, bacon, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, radish, and just about anything you love to eat–and mix it all together.  Top it off with Ranch or Ceasar Salad dressing.

Very tasty!

Now for the  cannolis!

This is the first time I’ve ever made the shells–I usually buy them at the Italian deli and make my own filling.   Rolling these in the pasta roller proved to be a bit challenging at first, then I realized if I roll them myself and then flatten them further in the pasta roller, things went smoother.

In the end, they turned out great, so I’m happy with the results.  Mark said they were the best cannolis he had ever eaten.  Who knew he didn’t care for the boxed shells?


Wish to see more of the process?  Click below…


Wrap dough around cannoli mold.

You should have at least 8.  I only have 4, and it made for a lot of stopping and starting.


Deep frying.  Watch them close, they cook pretty fast!


Finished shell


My recipe made quite a few.  They keep, unfilled, in an air tight container for up to two weeks.


Piping in the ricotta mixture.


Above: The final product.

If you’re not crazy about ricotta fillings—and I must say, I’m looking over my shoulder before I write this next bit—go ahead and fill with something else like chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, mousse, etc.  Just don’t tell any Sicilian grandmother’s I told you to do that.



11 thoughts on “Homemade Cannolis? Fuhgeddaboudit

  1. This is one of my favorite things on earth. Yours look out of this world. I wish I could just put my hand thru the screen and grab me one…or two.

  2. Good Lord woman!!! Yiou AMAZE me – both the cannolis and the salad look beautiful.

    And may I also comment on your photography… being the novice I am, I appreciate how good yours is getting. I like the shot of you filling the cannoli. It eludes me how you can have the food so clear in your shot and then a blurred background.

  3. CINDY: You know I’d love to share with you! I think I love cannolis a little too much 🙂

    MAVEN: I am excited to be in a photography class this summer, but I must add that none of the photos on my blogs were taken before I started my class. I’m a beginner myself. I really want to learn Photoshop–I was given Elements for my birthday, and have yet to figure it out. I do know that the blurring in the background is related to depth of field–large aperture. A few of my food shots were taken with my 50 mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor lens–another birthday/Mother’s Day gift this year. I love that thing! Thanks!

    PENNY: Thanks! It’s good to be back 🙂 Are you kidding? Your photos are lovely.

  4. Back in the day I use to make the shells, fortunatly we have a terrific Italian bakery about 25 min’s from my house! you did a terrific job, they look wonderful!

  5. Hey John, Is there a reason you want to use the mascarpone versus the ricotta? If it has something to do with creaminess–you can look for the best ricotta for pastries known as Impastata Ricotta–I’ll bet they have it in Portland. Let me know. My email is angelninaa@hotmail.com –I think I have Gary’s cell but not yours, so drop me an email and let me know how married life is treating you 🙂

  6. Hello agian<3
    I am calabrese family from calbria, I know that the Italian decent make different foods as well as sweets, even calabria is at the tip of the boot from Sicily, we flavor out foods differently an make some different sweets:)would love to share some of my handed down recipes with you that I think you would love:)
    I couldnt find the recipe of your cannoli filling or shells?
    I have bought the shells from out deli..But would love to make these:)

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