Gardens in August


I haven’t been doing much cooking this late summer.   We’ve had unusually hot weather –followed by unusually cool weather.  I’m quite certain that Ma Nature is simply having her way

Painted concrete

ABOVE: we painted the back patio–I’m pretty happy with it.

The cottage in the background is still a work in progress.

I must confess I’m also not  as energetic as I usually am this time of year.  I’ve made several jars of freezer jam, but the only thing receiving a water bath around here are the chicken ladies when the temperature hit 104 degrees!  I need to get on with canning and freezing.  The gardens have been very giving–in spite of my neglecting them their fare share of water.

Many of the things I planned to do this summer are going to be on the back burner waiting for next summer.  I have a short list:  paint the house, cottage, and shed, plant privacy trees to block out the neighbors, clear out the raspberries that I allowed to go wild, and re-gravel the side driveway.


My grapes remind me of a  line from a children’s storybook “I think I can. I think I can. ..”

This is their fourth year, so hopefully they’ll make it!


Swiss Chard is something I truly love to eat.  That being said–why did I think I needed so much of it?  I am knee deep  in Swiss Chard.


The new gals are fitting right in.  They are now laying cute little eggs.  Pearl is still abusing them.  Pearl is like  a grumpy old lady who doesn’t want you to walk on her lawn.


My little 4 in 1 pear tree is doing quite well.  I have another branch–not pictured–that holds 2 more Asian pears.

I’m still harvesting: potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, Italian beans, Bush Green Beans, cherry tomatoes, Italian plum tomatoes, herbs, onions, chard, collard greens peppers, and a few other things.  Pumpkins are almost ready.

I still need to take photographs of my two gardens in the front of the house.  I don’t know why I’m more drawn to the backyard.

I’m going to plant more lettuce and radishes today.

I threw my back out last week.  I’m coming back around again, so I’m sure by Sunday I’ll be baking and cooking up a storm!


8 thoughts on “Gardens in August

  1. What romantic settings in the garden and patio. All the pictures show your gift of talent in photography. I love looking at them all. You have captured the moment. Don’t ever stop sharing them.

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