My Love for Retro, Cottage Chic, and Cookies!

The past week, I’ve been searching for dining room chair slipcovers that will fit my over sized parson chairs.   I prefer the look of a wooden chair , but my tailbone prefers the feel of a well cushioned upholstered chair.  Such is middle age.  I have failed to find slipcovers, but on my journey, I visited my favorite little shop in Bothell, Washington.   The Cranberry Cottage!

Since my last visit to the shop, the owner has parked a retro camping trailer on the grounds–to use as both a children’s play area and to display vintage items for sale.


I used to own a camping trailer very similar to this one.  Apparently, they are now all the rage for lovers of retro. Some people use them as guest houses .  Creative and fun idea.  Too bad I sold mine!


I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff–  See those ultra cool aqua colored cups and bowls on the table?  I have a few of those in pink.  I get all giddy just seeing pink and aqua!

Look at the aqua seats around the table!  Puh-leez!

Check out the clock, the hanging multi-pastel colored melmac cups, that cool milkshake maker…gimme!


The sink, the stove, the oven, the fridge–all aqua!  Could you you just die?  Well, I almost did!


I didn’t want to leave.

As a matter of fact,  I’d love to bake a batch of cookies in that little oven.

If you happen to live in the area–don’t forget to cruise on across the street to Country Village and make sure you go to  Susan’s Sweets! She has been nominated as best bakery in the northwest!  I LOVE her cookies! The cookies are gi-normous.   One cookie is the size of 4 regular cookies.

Seriously, you can shop till you drop and eat the best cookies you’ve ever eaten in your entire life!  I’m serious–don’t miss out on Susan’s cookies.  My favorite are the Ranger Cookies.  Oh my!

ss1If you don’t believe me, ask my mom!  Moms don’t lie.  There she is right here in this picture buying cookies from Susan who happens to be  just as sweet as her cookies!

I thought I might have to arm wrestle Ma for some cookies because after we ordered she started eating them right out of the bag before we had a chance to split them up.

Plus, if you have kids, guess what?  Another kids area to play in!  I know, it just gets better and better.


I have never seen such a cozy child’s area!  Fit for a prince or a princess.


Just look for this cow after you spot that giant chicken (in the background) off the Bothell Everett Hwy in Bothell, WA.


5 thoughts on “My Love for Retro, Cottage Chic, and Cookies!

  1. this is so wonderful, i would love a trailer like that for my yard! or a little silver streamline! we’ll have to go there when i come to visit?!

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