Born Free

Mark  built a “free range” area for the birds to roam within a confined area outside of their pen.  This morning he decided to let them run completely free.

I was greeted by these curious faces on my back patio.

“Got corn?”

Mark is a bit stressed out–over protective if you will–and twice has said, “Well I should lock them up now.”  I’ve talked him down a few times and they are still roaming free.   He is acting like the father of teenage daughters right now 🙂

Life with Mark.

Life with chickens.

PS.  My oven broke down!  Yes, I’m sad.  Times are tough right now, so I bought a little Cuisinart convection counter oven at Costco–I look forward to posting some of the cool things that have come out of it!  Plus, I save on my power bill.

Hey Sean!  Guess what?



12 thoughts on “Born Free

    • Thanks Heather, so far, so good! I have roasted a chicken, roasted potatoes, baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and blueberry muffins! I am thinking of attempting bread :/

  1. Love the pictures!! The girls are so pretty 🙂
    I’ve just reconnected with some old friends, who have free range chickens. I love that I now have fresh eggs whenever I want.
    Nothing can compare! 🙂

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