..you didn’t really believe it was all about the food, did you?

Deception Pass

Deception Pass

First of all, I’d like to welcome my new subscribers!  I have been absent for a long time, but it is always heart warming to see new people visiting and checking out my blog.

I’m so excited to be starting a new chapter in my life.  The past three years have been challenging, but I’m a survivor.  I’m a “gypsy”, and we gypsy types, laugh in the face of change.  Okay, maybe we don’t actually laugh out loud, we laugh inside whilst grimacing.  Let me just say this, we know that change is inevitable.

It was not easy to leave my thirty year marriage.  Having been a homemaker, stay at home mother, and homeschool mom,  I’ve had to deal with the realities of being a single unemployed forty-eight  year old woman, with no “marketable” skills and serious health issues.

I left my home with a roll-a-way, aqua colored, suitcase and my little dog ,Giovanni.  I didn’t think about my lack of skills, the physical pain, the probable loss of my health insurance,  not having enough money to eat, or the long, humbling food bank lines.

For the first time in thirty years, I refused to see my ex’s well-being as more important than my own.

I stopped questioning the Universe.  The message was clear, “Leave now!” 

Not only was the message clear, the voice was loud, and I knew the voice was from the deepest part of me, and it did not waver.  The message was  from my spirit. Leaving was necessary for my survival.

I grabbed a few of my personal belongings:  my favorite dresses, my  boots, makeup, hot rollers, prescription medications, hypnotherapy books, tarot cards, a few protein bars, and Giovanni.  I loaded it all into my Oldsmobile, and drove away.

I was was finally free.

Challenges followed.  Challenges are still ahead of me. 

Yet, I’m still here.  The Universe has held me up. 

Life is better.

Switching gears now,  my son, is in graduate school, on the other side of the country!  He will be visiting for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait!  It’s been close to a year since I last saw him.  I visited New York City with my boyfriend (sounds weird to call him a “boy”friend, considering we are both in our forties!), and although I was born and lived, on and off, in Upstate New York, I’d never been to the big city.  It was, as you might imagine– unless you’ve visited or you live there, then of course it wouldn’t make sense that you’d have to imagine–   crowded, to say the least.  Tall buildings, loud, subways, taxis , shopping, and food!  I love New York, I really do, but I’m happy he will be in Seattle for Thanksgiving.   

I don’t cook as much as I used to, but this Thanksgiving, I will have help (manfriend), and I’m not going to be the crazy perfectionist I used to be.  I want to enjoy my time with family and friends.  That said, there will be food, and lots of it.

Happy Holidays! 

New York City

New York City