Revamping my Space

mewineriverI’ve been thinking. I’m sure I think too much.

How are you?

I really miss blogging. I find that writing is one of things that keeps me passionate about living.

Passion is a good thing.

I am also creating a second blog. Maybe I’ll blend them at some point, but I’ll have to think some more.

I want to share the things that have helped me recreate my life in a way that is more fulfilling and less fear filled.

I know I’ve left everybody hanging after my last post. I guess I realized I needed to work through some more of my own stuff (always working through my stuff, but this was some real icky stuff!).

I fill notebook pages with stories about my life, journaling, venting, drawing, and, yes, recipes. I’d like to share.

Those are the things I like to read on blogs that I’m subscribed to. I always want to know what people are passionate about! What are their childhood stories? What made them who they are today? Where do they see themselves tomorrow?

We’re all in this game together.

I turned 50 in May. The photo was taken by the Dude (AKA my husband or my little Whippersnapper) while we were on vacation celebrating my surviving half a century. I tell him that one day he will be old and wise like me.

He has three more years to go.

strawberry rose

I leave you with this strawberry rose. I am practicing making fruit and veggie flowers, but so far, this is as good as gets.