Fried Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms and Weeping Blackberry Turnovers

After my day at the Edmonds Farmer’s Market I was excited to create something special out of the produce I picked up.

These days I rarely deep fry foods.  But after scoring the baby zucchini blossoms as I posted here, I knew what I had to do.   There are very few ingredients, but get ready for an amazing “Holy Mother of God!” moment when you bite into one of these babies.

The Dude couldn’t stop repeating a line I cannot repeat here, but I can say it starts with Holy but it doesn’t end with Mother of God.  No matter, I know him well enough to know it’s meant as the highest compliment to the cook.

I should also add that I am (was) not a fan of goat cheese at all. I tried it a few times, but it was just too goaty.   A few months ago, Ernest and I ordered stuffed zucchini blossoms as an appetizer at a local popular restaurant and I was scared knowing they were stuffed with goat cheese, but the server assured me they would not taste goaty. They had a hint of the taste of goat cheese, and I loved them. Then I started craving them. I was hesitant for fear mine would not taste as good as the restaurant’s.

I found a brand of Chevre  advertised as mild goat cheese, so I went with it. The recipe also uses cream cheese which I knew would balance it out.

These stuffed zucchini blossoms are not as difficult to make, as they may appear to be.


Fried Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

Print Recipe Here

Recipe adapted from Giada De Laurentiis recipe

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 cup of sparkling water (do not use plain water)

3/4 tsp Kosher salt

1  1/2 ounces  goat cheese, at room temperature

2 ounces  Cream cheese, at room temperature

You should have approx 1/3 + cup of cheese combined

1 Tbsp chopped fresh basil

1 finely chopped scallion (green onion)

fresh ground pepper

6-8 zucchini blossoms

oil for frying (I used canola)

In a medium size bowl, mix the flour, sparkling water, and Kosher salt until smooth. Set aside.

In a smaller bowl, mix the cheeses, chopped basil and onion, and salt and pepper until smooth.

In a large heavy-bottomed saucepan, deep fryer, or Dutch-oven, pour enough oil to fill the pan about a third of the way. Heat over medium heat until oil reaches 350 degrees F.  I use a deep-frying thermometer.  Dip the stuffed zucchini blossoms in the batter and allow any excess batter to drip off.  Fry for 1 to 2 minutes, turning occasionally, until golden brown. Allow the cooked blossoms to drain on paper towels. I prefer to set them on a cooling rack that I place inside of a baking sheet lined with paper towels. That way they aren’t sitting in their own oil drippings.

Before adding more blossoms to the hot oil, make sure you allow the temperature of the oil to return to 350 degrees F.

NOTE:  I gently open petals of the blossoms with the tips of my fingers and turn them down to make it easier to fill. After I stuff, I gently lift the petals back into place and gently twist the tips together to hold in the filling. It gets messy, and don’t worry if a little cheese mixture is sneaking through.

…and now for the blackberries.


I also bought 4 half pints of jumbo blackberries. Berries are probably one of my favorite fruits.

The night before I went to the market, I had a dream about giant blackberries. In my dream they were the size of plums. When I saw the jumbo berries at the market, I figured I had to buy them or maybe I could be struck by lightning or break a hip. You never know, and I didn’t want to tempt fate.

The recipe I followed uses puff pastry cups. I couldn’t find them at my grocery store, and I was too lazy to go to another store, so I bought puff pastry sheets. Next time I will use the cups. Why?

Just take a gander at the photo below.



Granted they’re not purdy, but let me tell you brothers and sisters, these are the tastiest tarts I’ve ever eaten. Seriously, the filling is a sweetened cream cheese filling with blackberries. Unbelievably flavorful and almost too simple to make–if you don’t make the same mistakes I made. The moral to this story?  Don’t be lazy and don’t over stuff your pastry.     image

I had leftover filling because I didn’t use the two sheets of puff pastry. I came up with another idea of what to use it for.  It has changed my life forever. More on that tomorrow.


Thank you for reading my blog.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch this video, please do! Sean is an amazing talent. Click here for “Black and Blue For You”



My son Sean (Mark Sean) Movie Director


4 thoughts on “Fried Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms and Weeping Blackberry Turnovers

  1. The stuffed zucchini blossoms look wonderful and I use that kind of goat cheese, so I know I like it. I’ll definitely be clicking for the blackberry recipe.

    • We ate the leftover blossoms with breakfast. I was surprised how well they work as a breakfast side. Next time I make the blackberry turnovers, I’m going to find those puff pastry shells.

  2. I may just have to try these ideas they look pretty yummy! I make a dessert using the puff pastry cups using strawberries…I thought I would share my tip when I couldn’t find the cups once and had to buy the pastry sheets. I cut them into circles and put them in a muffin tin..looked very “french country” but it worked!

    • Darlene, yes! A few people did that very thing, and I came close and wish I had, but went ahead with the squares. Next time! Let me know if you try these recipes. I don’t know if you’re a zucchini blossom fan, but if you are, these are amazing.

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