About Me




Who the heck am I?

I was born in Rochester, New York to a Sicilian mother from upstate New York and a Scottish/Cherokee father from Texas.

The importance of sharing this is to allow readers to understand that my English is a mishmash of words. For example, a sandwich can be a sammich or a sangwich. You all or you guys can be y’all or yous.

I am Taurus with a Scorpio moon and an Aquarius rising. I gave birth to only one child. I got it right the first time, so I didn’t need to create anymore.

Living half a century gifted me with a few lines on my face as well as teaching me that I do not know much of anything and neither do most people. Sometimes I still try to convince myself that I do. This can make things slightly difficult for my new husband.

I have worked as a tarot reader and an intuitive consultant for over 20 years. I’m also a registered hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. So, yes, I’m one of “those” weirdos. However, I believe hypnosis and NLP hold the key to breaking the destructive patterns of behaviors we crazy people seem to keep repeating over and over again. I understand why people keep trying to force a square into a round hole. Believe it or not, there is a solid explanation and an easy fix, provided the person really wants to make the change. I wanted change. Hypnosis and NLP helped me make major necessary life changes.

My Story

By the time I reached the age of 17, I had moved 66 times. My family moved from New York to California, to several states in between.   No, I was not raised in a military family. We traveled the country more like gypsies. I think my father just couldn’t find green enough grass. Although it was a very difficult life, I do appreciate all of the beautiful places I saw and the experience of meeting so many interesting people

I still love a good road trip.

I continued moving after I left home and married (what a train wreck)– shortly before my eighteenth birthday.

I finally settled in the Puget Sound area of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I raised and home schooled my son who is now thirty-one years old and attends Columbia University in New York City. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

After close to thirty years of living with a spouse who couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, I finally escaped (I mean, divorced). My blog evolved out of the necessity to survive a situation I believed I couldn’t remove myself from. I threw myself into parenting, cooking and gardening. I really believed I was stuck in that loveless “marriage”. I still managed to find happiness in other areas of my life. When my son left home, my body started to break down. I suppose there wasn’t enough distraction. My spirit was telling me (more like yelling at me) I need to get out. Five years later, I did. It turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.

I will be posting my experiences, memoirs, photos, and recipes of the foods I love to eat.

I have a variety of interests which include: spending time with my husband, psychology, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, tarot, photography, writing, home decorating, cooking, baking, singing, crocheting, reading, Italian pottery, spending time in the mountains, hiking, the beach, gardening, movies, travel, and more!

I work on becoming more consciously aware everyday.

You are welcome to read and comment. Please don’t be too shy to comment. I’m told I’m awfully friendly, and I enjoy meeting new people.

Come on in, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea OR a shot of Jack Daniels, and share with me.


19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. this is a terrific story. The interests are exciting and in good taste. You have a lot of energy and are directing it in a positive way.

  2. Your thoughtful story about dinner with your son made me pause.
    My little goobers are 11 and 13 and already I am agonizing over how little I see of them.
    The minimalist element of your dinner only served to emphasize the real reason for being together. Here you are able to cook up anything — a good message for us all.

  3. I really loved reading all this and getting to know you better. I see we have a lot more in common than I knew. We do need to get together for tea!

  4. Angelnina, Words can not express my thanks to you for all your time,effort,humor,knowledge,RECIPES,PICTURES,and WONDERFUL STORIES that you have shared with us here! God bless you and your lovely family. As with you; family and lots of love and good cooking is what life(a blessed one)is all about for me.
    Love forever and ever, Suzanne

  5. I’m really enjoying reading your blogs. It’s almost scary how close some of our interests are. I want CHICKENS! I really love all of the things you are doing with your life and I look forward to us talking more.

  6. I am delighted to find your blog. Marriage is not for the faint of heart as I’ve learned–twice. I’m drooling over your cuccidati and Ina’s orange chocolate cake. I am obsessed with roosters and chickens in the kitchen–not the real kind–and think it’s a foodie thing. Good luck with your health issues. I’m currently in the middle of a bout of benign non-positional vertigo so I know about balance. Good luck.

  7. Thanks for the ‘basic’ shortbread recipe (& now to see how it works w/ whole wheat:)) I’m a lifelong fiend for these… but it took working my way through the Lorna Doones & blue tins of Danish Christmas cookies to find Real scottish shortbread… more butter than flour, maybe.
    Your shop is interesting. I’m a big fan of “experienced” kitchen cookware (no teflon-covered anything, thanks!), w/ a weakness for eggbeaters. Some of the old designs are so simple… and profound! Lovely little machines…
    I’ll be back, again.
    chow ^..^

  8. Sounds like very exciting life.
    I moved a lot too, not that often tough… only every 1-2 years. But am currently at the same house for 4 years or so… and thinking of moving to another hosue… 🙂
    But, yeah, as for our little family, we stick with each other.

  9. I was not aware of all that we have in common. I had my kids when I was 19 & Doug & I were married when I was 17. And after being in & out of the marriage 3 times…we are still living together. We are best friends also. I also love food and cooking & I really enjoy the recipes you share. Thank you.

  10. Your very first sentence about yourself, “I am learning to be present/in the moment/aware” had already convinced me about your credentials – i.e. you are someone in to intuitive counseling, but, I couldn’t guess whether as a teacher or a pupil – but, your very next sentence cleared my doubts. I am impressed with your honesty in biographical details and your multidimensional personality.

  11. love your blog, found it searching for coconut cream pie recipes.
    I’m going to attempt it tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will turn out as yummy as yours looks. 🙂

  12. I’m happy that I came upon your website and blog….! We’re all connected. That’s my philosophy. Thank you, Sharon – Danbury, CT

  13. Originally, I’m from Oroville, WA and after I married, I moved around, settling in Seattle area. After marriage exploded a couple of times, I ended up in CA after 53 years of fantastic WA state. I loved reading your story. It helped bring me home a little.

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