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  1. Angelina

    I have made the anisette cookies before. They are easy and delicious and are a part of recipes in a private cookbook I made for family and friends.
    Would you give me permission to use your photograph?
    Thanks for getting back to me.

  2. Angelnina,

    It was fun to run into you today at the fruit stand! If you want to see cider pressing in person, we’re starting Saturday morning 10ish. (We’ll even give you lunch!) If you do facebook, my wife has posted cider making photos on her page: Lucinda Freece.


  3. Just discovered your blog today – how wonderful! We have so much in common – but you seem to have so much collected here- and to share it gives me good reflection on what more I can share and how. After loosing my job this past June I am looking forward, today and tommorrow – on what lies ahead and where I want to be after 30 years in the Retail Business, a 19 year marriage and children 16 and 13…
    digging up and dusting off those dreams, hobbies, inspirations.

    • Cynthia, I’m not sure why it would turn yellow. I’m guessing here, but I wonder if it has to do with the variety of lavender? Or could it be in how it is steeped in the recipe? Did you follow this recipe?
      I did add a drop of color, but it was pink before.

  4. angelina..I just love ur site an im here with my friend..I am trying to find the picture of ur cabnet, the vintage pink one u had decorated? lol I cant find it…could u help me plez:)

  5. I am so so glad I finally found ur site again< I had it as my favorites an my computer had such a horrable virus, that I lost u! Ur site truly make me so happy with everything u have here on it, I can b in the worst mood an look at ur site an b happy! Ty so much:)

  6. Angelnina!

    I found you again. I’m Doug Koch from myspace (years ago now) and I’m going to be in Seattle in April. If memory isn’t playing tricks on me, I think you may live out that way. If so and if you’re free, I’d love to actually meet you in person.


  7. Angelnina!

    Greetings from your friends in Portland. I was just thinking about you and missing all your great foodie posts from the days of MySpace. I just wanted to let you know that all is well down here. I think Gary Corbin and I still owe you a meal! It would also be great to catch up and have you meet my fairly new wife!

    Hugs to you and your kids. I hope you are well.

    John Richards

  8. I found a picture of cookies my Nonna use to make. Can not find recipe would love to make them for xmas. They are plain- she would put confectioner suger with lemon extract to make topping and put sprinkles on top- She’s from Bari as well. Hope this helps. Thank you!!

    Ciao Condida

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